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Anubis Plinko: Control your chance to win!

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    Anubis Plinko is an updated version of the classic slot machine known as Plinko. The old version of Plinko on 1win assumed an RTP that reached 99% and you could win no more than 1000 coins in such a game. The modern version of Anubis Plinko 1win includes the same gameplay. According to the rules of the game, a special ball rolls down from the top of the pyramid and falls into the holes; the winning amount depends on the coefficient indicated on the cell.

    Nowadays, such slot machines have become not just entertainment, but also a means of making legal money online. At 1win casino you can have fun not only by betting on sports, but also by having a good time playing your favorite slots.

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    Design and design of the slot machine

    The design of Anubis Plinko demo is presented in Ancient Egyptian themes. All the classic elements of the genre are present here - a tomb, a pyramid, treasures, an ancient deity, scarabs and a flair of mystery.

    The main place on the screen is occupied by the Egyptian pyramid, above which rises the god, patron of the underworld - Anubis. From under the floors of his shadow cloak, betting balls rain down, which will bring the player a win or burn before reaching the base of the pyramid.

    The game Anubis Plinko got its interesting name thanks to the characteristic «Plink» sound that the ball makes when falling. On 1win, the game rules for Anubis Plinko are published directly in the game interface.

    Anubis Plinko online - a new version of the classic game

    The new version of Anubis Plinko slot assumes the presence of obstacles that complicate the movement of the ball. Such barriers are presented in the form of black and gold scarabs. The black scarab will bring bad luck to the player; touching it, the ball will burn, flaring up with poisonous red fire. Thus, the player’s entire bet is burned. On the contrary, golden scarabs help the player to double the bet odds. But the movement of the ball is completely random - therefore it is impossible to guess which scarab will be encountered on the way down.

    There is no demo version of the game in Anubis Plinko online. In order to have the opportunity to try your luck on a virtual machine, you will need to register on the website 1win casino. After registration, the user receives a 1win bonus for a deposit and free spins, which can be spent on certain slots, thereby increasing the chances of win.
    Anubis Plinko slot

    Making Strategy Anubis Plinko

    To make the process of playing Anubis Plinko 1win more exciting, the developers have added several levels of risk. It can be easy for beginners, or difficult for professional players. The user is provided with 12 paylines, on which scarab obstacles and lines with winning odds at the base are chaotically located. There are also buttons for switching difficulty modes.

    One bet in Anubis Plinko online is considered one rental of a game ball. The player will be able to release the ball itself an unlimited number of times, depending on the difficulty level. But the rate varies from $1 to $100.

    Anubis Plinko game and its parameters

    In order to choose the appropriate game option, you can use two betting modes: automatic and one-time. To change the mode, press the special key located on the screen. If a player prefers one-time bets, then he should press the mode change key with each throw of the ball. The user will also be able to play Anubis Plinko in two difficulty modes at once.

    To start the game, you should take the following steps:

    • Select a suitable bet using the plus and minus buttons.
    • Then choose the level of risk that the player is willing to take.
    • The rewards that a player can receive if he wins depend on the choice of risk level. The maximum level will allow you to receive benefits that will exceed 150 times the main bet.

    Mode selection, play for real money

    Anubis Plinko 1win
    To select a specific mode, press the two keys «Easy» and «Heavy». In this version of the game in Anubis Plinko online, several balls of different colors are released at once, which will fall on the corresponding coefficients. In this way, the player will be able to increase his chances of winning Anubis Plinko 1vin.

    A potential player should carefully study the game rules and user conditions before playing Anubis Plinko. Such actions should be carried out in order to eliminate controversial issues in the future. And to open these rules, just click the question mark at the top of the screen; also in this menu you can configure the sound and other parameters of Anubis Plinko demo at your discretion.

    If you want to see all your past bets and winnings, you should click on the button with the image of a scarab located at the top of the screen. The overall balance data is located in the upper left corner of the game screen.

    Conclusions: is Anubis Plinko worth playing

    The new version of Anubis Plinko 1win is different from its previous version. Firstly, in this game not every bet brings a win, since the scarab encountered along the way plays a special role. If the player is unlucky and such a scarab is black, then his entire bet will be burned. However, Anubis Plinko is not a strategy game, but 100% random. In addition, the stated RTP does not quite correspond and the bets burn out much faster than the winnings appear.


    Is it possible to find a demo version of the full Anubis Plinko game?

    All such games where winning depends on luck do not provide demo versions. For this reason, the user should create a personal account, top up their deposit and then place a bet to play Anubis Plinko. All bets can only be made if there is a positive balance.

    Can you play Anubis Plinko on an Android phone?

    Yes, you can play the Anubis Plinko slot machine on both iPhone and Android. The browser and mobile versions of the game are no different from each other. Its functionality and interface remain unchanged. To start playing, you do not need to install an additional application; just go to the 1win casino website from your device.

    Are there variations in difficulty levels in the Anubis Plinko slot machine?

    Yes, the player will be able to select the required difficulty level. There are three such levels in Anubis Plinko online. The player will be able to choose an easier option or, on the contrary, a more complex one. The player’s winnings will depend on the choice of this level of risk. With a more difficult level, the stakes increase and the winning rate increases.

    Is it possible to choose a special winning strategy in the game Anubis Plinko?

    There is no strategy in the game called Anubis Plinko, since the game is based on 100% variability. The ball falls out automatically, guided by a program based on a random number generator. Therefore, it is impossible to calculate the variant of the required number. Follow your gut feeling and try your luck in the game Anubis Plinko.

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