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    New features from 1win BK

    We continue to study quality offers from 1win. One of the novelties of the platform can be considered the 1win TV online cinema, which appeared relatively recently. And here the developers clearly guessed right with the introduction.

    Who does not dream after a hard day’s work to relax and unwind, spend the evening watching a fascinating movie. The official website of 1 win can offer a similar range of experiences - from the opportunity to cry under the “Titanic” or laugh at a comedy in the style of “Dirty Scammers”. Also, unlike other online sites, the 1win bookmaker can guarantee films in excellent quality.

    Yes, yes, 1win is not only online casino, but also free cinema with an impressive selection of all kinds of films and series.

    Advantages of 1win TV cinema

    In our time, there are many free and paid online cinemas, but not everyone can offer high-quality and worthy content. In paid versions, at every step they try to promote the next subscription. At the same time, they do not offer a decent variety of films. The same Netflix, a subscription to which costs 300 UAH. per month, does not provide such a variety of films and series, especially in Russian.

    1-win, in turn, created a unique product, and not just to divert attention, but they tried very hard and continue to improve their platform, constantly replenishing the film library. You can talk a lot about all the advantages, but there are special points that we will pay attention to.

    No ads. Online cinema 1vin does not allow ads when watching a video. All free pirated versions suffer from annoying videos that have the bad property of turning on in the middle of viewing and, unfortunately, at the most interesting place.

    Selecting a movie in 1win TV

    Another benefit of 1 win is that they have created a practical way to sort. Navigation filters will help you decide on the series or movie for the evening. The site can pick up the feed:

    • By the year the film was made. Here you will find both modern series and classic films dating back to the 50s. The oldest movie we found is from 1951 and it’s the classic A Streetcar Named Desire starring Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando.
    • By genre, whether it’s an adventure novel or an exciting fantasy. So, the entire selection of Marvel’s feature films and their DS competitors is available for viewing 24/7.
    • By rating, by setting the slider on the rating range, you can select the most ambitious films.
    • You can also choose this year’s novelty in the top line of the site.

    In the main feed with films on 1win, the mirror provider has set a convenient filter by the release date of the film, again by rating from popular publications Kinopoisk and IMDd, and alphabetically. On each tab with a film, you can see its rating, release date, country of origin, director, genre and, of course, the cast.

    After choosing a movie, you need to follow the link to watch it. Here, you can also watch the trailer, in order to be sure of the choice. And you can start watching right away.

    1win TV cinema ticket price

    If you are wondering if you need to top up your account after registration to access movies and series. The answer is no, all the goodies are available absolutely free. It seems unbelievable, but 1 vin BC opened access to this online service to everyone with the only condition that you need to register.

    To start enjoying watching a series or a movie, we register on the official website of 1 win. This is done elementarily. There is a registration button on the start page, the user is offered 2 ways to choose from:

    • Quick option.
    • Via social networks.

    In the first case, when registering, you will need to enter your data into the 1win website system. In the second, the system itself will take your data from the account on the social network through which you will log in.

    Register to watch movies

    We are offered to register an account using such social networks as:

    • Vkontakte.
    • Odnoklassniki.
    • Steam.
    • Yandex
    • Google.
    • Telegram and others.

    Also, when registering, you can enter a 1-vin promotional code, which will give a deposit bonus. 1 wine has provided all the options, and in addition to having a good time watching your favorite films, it makes it possible to satisfy the “hunger of excitement”.

    Must see on 1win TV

    More than 20 genres are represented on the 1win platform. For example, we have chosen to our film library for a week such, marked “Required to watch”, which we generously share with you:

    • In the anime genre: “I’ll go to the dungeon, I’ll find a beauty there: Orion’s Arrow” or “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Ghost of a Feather.”
    • Fantasy with classic magic fights and some spicy surprises about one of the main characters, like in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets.
    • Crime: “Major Grom: The Plague Doctor”.
    • The Musical: Always Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World, which was released back in 1998 but still hasn’t lost its charm.
    • Destination Horror or Tremors 4: The Legend Continues
    • Sports: Ricky Bobby: King of the Road.
    • Adventure, here we will focus on The Last Hero: Messenger of Darkness.
    • Drama: “The French Herald. Supplement to the Liberty Kansas Evening Sun. And there is also Timothée Chalamet - which means 100% do not pass by.
    • Comedy: Same Time Next Year
    • Military: “The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe”.
    • Biography: Trial of the Chicago Seven.

    I would like to pay special attention to the free set of cartoons. If you have a restless child, you can take him watching your favorite animated series. At that time, you will have the opportunity to freely visit the 1-win casino to play slots or other online games.

    Registration at 1win online casino

    1-win cares about his customers, which is why he created an accessible and practical interface. Any person who visits the site for the first time will intuitively understand what needs to be done and where to click.

    In the 1vin offer pool as we remember:

    • The ability to bet on sports;
    • Betting on an esports team. By the way, not every casino can offer such a feature. You didn’t miss the last tournament with NAVI, we hope? ;
    • Play more than 3000 slots;
    • Visit Live casino, where on the other side of the screen there will be a real dealer, instead of a computer program;
    • The provider will offer exciting card games;
    • 1-win also has the opportunity to participate in a profitable affiliate program;
    • Broadcast the best events in the world of sports online.

    1-vin provides all the conditions for productive work and excellent rest. By registering for 1 win, you open up a new world of opportunities for yourself and your family. In any case, the choice is yours. Buy popcorn, Coca-Cola and enjoy watching your favorite movies for free, especially since the TOP list is already in front of your eyes.


    Is it possible to watch 1 win movies on an iPad?

    Yes, 1win online cinema is supported on any smartphone and tablet. Suitable for both IOS and Android operating systems. In your case, you will need download 1win app from the App Store, which will only take a couple of minutes. In the application, after registration, the cinema function will become available to you. Absolutely free of charge you will get access to watching your favorite movies in the public domain on your device.

    How much does it cost to subscribe to 1 win cinema?

    The 1win bookmaker has made absolutely free viewing of movies and TV shows. You do not need to deposit money into your gaming account in order to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience in high quality. It is enough to download the application on a mobile device and register on the official website. And the world of films is open to you.

    How to start watching a movie on 1vin?

    Everything is quite simple, you will need to register on the official 1win website. For quick registration, enter your mobile phone number, name and email address. A confirmation code will be sent to your number, which you will need to enter to verify your account. You can also create an account using verification through social networks such as Vkontakte, Steam, Telegram and others.

    Will I be able to watch my favorite old movies online on 1win?

    Yes, the 1 win website presents films of different years, genres and categories. You can find both modern and classic ribbons. The site will prompt you to select a movie by rating, release date, or genre. Manual selection is also available through the search bar. Thanks to the application on your smartphone, you can watch your favorite movies anywhere online.