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    ✔️ Guaranteed win ❌ Pure random, nothing depends on the player
    ✔️ Simple conditions and minimum requirements for the player
    ✔️ Four skin options
    ✔️ Casino reputation

    What are 1win cases: briefly about the game

    Did you know that 1win casino has its own game development department? These IT geniuses are working day and night to come up with, test and test a new interesting game for their players. 1win cases are part of their fruitful work. No other online casino approaches its creations so carefully. As we are in 1-vin.

    So, what are the cases from 1win? At first glance, this is a lottery. Only here is the essential difference. If the usual lottery provides for both the possibility of failure and winning, 1-win cases give a guaranteed win.

    Let’s talk about strategies, rules and other nuances of playing 1-win cases in more detail.

    1vin cases download and play

    The official website of 1vin is replete with all sorts of offers, promotions, bonuses, bright slots, table games and other attractive offers. Only 1 wine bookmaker can offer its users to play in the casino and bet on sports at the same time. Also, high-quality service, only official software - all this ensures a leading place in the ranking of the best casinos.

    1win Mirror

    Usually, access to the official website is carried out through the 1win mirror, so it is possible to avoid the excessive vigilance of providers that block users’ access to online casinos and other gambling projects.

    On the online casino platform, all the functionality is available and intuitive to any new player. Difficulties can arise only with the choice of gambling, because. there are really a lot of them. The best providers are in line for the opportunity to place their software on the platform.

    How to start playing 1win cases?

    So, where to look for the author’s development of online casino 1win cases.
    As expected, each site has a start page, profile header or header. The official website of 1vin is conditionally divided into a header with player data, which displays information about bonuses and promotions, the amount of the deposit, a button to switch between mobile and browser versions. The line with sections of the bookmaker’s office, bets, selection of games and other sections - we will conditionally call the header, so as not to get confused in terms.

    So, at the very end of the header, the drop-down list contains exclusive online casino developments. Here you can find the game 1win Aviator online, leaderboard, 1vin TV, yourself cases and other sections.
    What is the game itself 1win cases with money?

    How to play 1win casino cases?

    As already mentioned at the very beginning, this is a lottery with a guaranteed win. The set of cases consists of eight different options. They differ in cost. The amount of the possible maximum win, the name and, of course, popularity among the players.

    Visual display of 1win cases can also change depending on the user’s wishes. There are 4 skin options: Memms, Wrestlers, Bloggers or Classic. By the name, it becomes clear what is shown on each of the buttons.

    As for the cost, then there is a colossal run, i.e. everyone will find a case for opportunities and budget for themselves. For example, the cheapest case - a beginner, will cost the player 5 hryvnia, the most expensive one - the master of life, costs already 5000 hryvnia. Accordingly, the winning amounts are completely different. If in the first case the winnings vary from 1 UAH. up to 50 UAH, then in the latter you can win amounts from 2500 UAH. up to 25000 UAH It depends only on the player how much he is willing to risk.

    But even here 1 vin casino took care of its players. In each tab with 1 win cases, you can take advantage of the bonus offer and increase your chances of getting the maximum win. So in the list of offers there is an opportunity to cheat fortune with a probability of 10, 20 and 30%, respectively. The cost of the maximum increase of 30% does not exceed half the base cost of each in 1-win money cases.

    Reviews from players who play 1win cases with money

    Everyone can play 1win cases. Both a beginner and a professional, there are no special requirements for the professionalism of the player. The rules are simple and clear. The principle of the game involves the use of the simplest scheme: bought, opened and won. In addition, each 1vin case can be set to instant and automatic opening. Those. when automatically opened, the specified number of cases will be bought. Funds for them will be debited from the deposit, and the winnings will be credited to it.

    Reviews about 1win cases are very positive. This is how experienced players try to include cases in their daily betting strategy. Most often, cases of 1-win are chosen in the middle price category, for example, such as “Lucky” or “Luxury”.

    Of course, there are also players who have purchased the “Master of Life” case. Statistics for each case can be found in the window with each offer. The amounts paid out by the casino in the game 1-win cases are impressive. Also, judging by the reviews of 1 win cases, players almost always use the increase bonus, then the chance to recoup the invested amount is almost guaranteed. In addition, instant and automatic opening will make replenishing your balance a matter of technique, as they say. The player is just watching from the sidelines.

    1 win cases: advantages and disadvantages

    As you already understood, we highly recommend trying all the games on our site, not just 1 win cases. But the latter especially. Despite the fact that it may seem rustic to experienced players, it is only at first glance. It is the regulars 1vin online casino more than others enjoy the benefits of a guaranteed win. What they are not shy about and tell beginners in their reviews and expert reviews.

    Among the advantages, one can also note the simplicity of the interface, which is understandable even to a player who registered on the platform 5 minutes ago. In addition, just such a beginner, in order to believe that the 1win casino pays the winnings, the game of cases will come in handy. After all, by depositing a symbolic amount, you can immediately withdraw the winnings and make sure that there are no problems with this.

    Therefore, if you still decide to try something new, besides slots, we advise you to pay attention to 1-win cases with money. And we, for our part, guarantee you winnings, the confidentiality of personal data, the safety of your funds on deposits, high-quality content, and, of course, the pleasure of the game!


    What 1win case should you start the game with, maybe there is a strategy?

    You can start playing 1 win cases from any set. As a rule, beginners buy a starter package "Beginner" for a minimum amount. There are also those who immediately go for broke and activate the “Master of Life” case. It all depends on the wishes and ambitions of the player.

    Is there access from the mobile casino to the game cases 1win?

    Mobile casino 1-win can be downloaded on the start page of the official website. By the way, you also get a bonus for installing a mobile casino. And of course, all functionality, all games, including 1vin cases, are identical to the browser version of the casino.

    Which provider developed 1vin cases, this information is not on the site?

    Cases 1 win is an exclusive development from the 1win platform. Accordingly, all questions and suggestions on quality and other issues can be asked in the round-the-clock technical support chat, write to the mail, in general, in any way that is available to the player.

    Is it possible to spend money from the bonus account to buy cases in 1 vin in the game?

    Unfortunately no. The rules of playing 1-win cases do not provide for the possibility of purchasing with funds from the player's bonus account. Only real money is used. But it is worth recalling that, firstly, the accrued bonuses can be spent on no less winning slots, and secondly, the winnings from opening cases are also instantly credited to the player's account.