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Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in any online casino. This board game has earned worldwide recognition for its simple rules, fast rounds and incredible excitement! In the best online casino 1win you will find dozens of varieties of the game of roulette for hryvnia and you can earn real money. What else do you need for a great pastime?

This exciting game appeared in the 18th century and instantly earned the fame of the Queen of Gambling. Roulette does not give up its throne to this day, however, more and more players prefer virtual online casinos to land-based gaming clubs.

How to play roulette in an online casino

Roulette rules are quite simple and even a beginner will be able to figure them out. All you need to do is place your bet and wait for the wheel to stop spinning and the ball is in the cell. The main task of the player is to guess where the game ball will end up in this round. You can place bets on:

  • even or odd number,
  • cell color,
  • zero,
  • into dozens,
  • to exact numbers.

Please note that depending on the type of game selected, the options for available bets may differ. All the information you need can be found in the paytable.

Playing online roulette is easy and simple: the interface is intuitive, everything is flawlessly visualized. In 1win online casino, the roulette game is available both on the main version of the site and in the mobile application - all the functionality is fully preserved.

Varieties of roulette on the 1vin casino website

In fact, at online casinos you will find endless varieties of this cult game. They differ from each other not only in visual and sound design, but also often in the rules of the game, added functions and bonus rounds.

However, the types of roulette in casinos can be systematized:

  • European
  • American
  • French
  • Video Roulette
  • Roulette with Live Dealer
  • Multi-Roulette
  • Mini Roulette

How to play casino for free?

Surely you are aware that many online casino games can be played for free. And for this you don't even need to register on the 1win website. Just start the selected slot machine in demo mode and enjoy playing Roulette!

However, do not forget that demo versions of slot machines do not allow you to win real money - the game is played with virtual currency. The test version allows you to learn how to play roulette, develop your own game tactics, manage rates correctly and simply try different variations of online roulette to choose your favorite!

If you want to play roulette for real money, get best bonuses casino and earn, you need to register on the official website 1win casino and make a deposit to your gaming account. It's not as difficult as it sounds - the whole process will take no more than five minutes!

Game strategies: how to win online roulette?

It's worth making a reservation right away: there are no strategies that can guarantee you a win. This is the whole point of gambling - no guarantees, maximum excitement and the possibility of huge winnings! There is a lot of risk, but it's worth it!

However, in order to play roulette as efficiently as possible - to lose less and, at a distance, to gradually increase capital. The most popular tactic is the Martingale Strategy. This is a classic financial strategy that allows you to reduce material risks and return money in case of loss:

  • Place a simple bet (red or black, even or odd) on a small loan.
  • If you win, congratulations! Take your money and start a new bet.
  • If you lost - repeat the bet by doubling the amount. It is necessary to double every time until your bet plays out. That is why it is necessary to play roulette at low limits so as not to drain the deposit. Once you win, one successful game will more than pay off all previous losses.

Roulette is an incredibly addictive casino game! Moreover, it belongs to the category of classic games that anyone should master. Firstly, it is very prestigious - if one day you find yourself in a posh Vegas casino, you will definitely not fall face down in the dirt. And secondly, roulette is considered one of the most profitable games. Anyone can play the virtual version of this traditional game - the stakes here are lower than in elite gambling clubs, and the opportunities for winning are enormous!

We wish you good luck with the game! Spin the wheel!


How to play online roulette for money?

It all depends on what kind of online roulette you have chosen. A quick gambling game of roulette is a fun with instant results, the outcome of which depends on a random number generator. Live roulette is a game with a real croupier, the outcome of which depends on a banal chance. Regardless of which game you choose, the types of bets remain unchanged.

How does online roulette differ from a traditional game?

Roulette betting options are the same everywhere, be it online or regular roulette. The only difference is that in an online game, the result depends on the random number generator. Otherwise, everything is the same: the types of bets, their coefficients and the number of sectors on the roulette wheel.

Is online roulette allowed in Ukraine?

Yes, it is allowed. In 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law on the legalization of all gambling entertainment. In order to conduct gambling, the casino must obtain a license by paying tax to the treasury. When choosing a casino, pay attention to the availability of a license, since it is prohibited to play roulette without it.

What are Outside Roulette Bets?

In roulette, outside bets are bets that are placed outside the main numbered field. These include: black / red; even / odd; first half / second; first third / second / third. Also in roulette there are bets on three sectors, which are located on the front side of the field. Each sector is responsible for one row of numbers, opposite which it is located.