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We are glad to welcome you to the legal online casino 1win. The official website of our company has been conducting gambling for money for many years, and now the moment has come when we have reached your country. In the first months of our online casino operation, we have already outstripped all competitors in terms of the total number of online games. And this is just the beginning, as 1win online casino boasts many other benefits.

In this article, we will tell you about the games and services of our casino for real money, as well as the main advantages that you will not find anywhere else.

Games for money in online casinos 1win

As we said earlier, the selection of gambling games on the official 1win website is the widest among all online casinos. Therefore, we suggest that you pay more attention to this item.

Games at 1win casino can be divided into the following categories:

  • Online Slots
  • Roulette
  • Maps
  • Board Games
  • Lotteries
  • Virtual Sports
  • Others

The total number of games has already exceeded 7,500, and we do not even think to stop there, because this is the main component of online casinos for real money.

Game modes in online casino 1win

All of the above categories of games can be attributed to the quick play mode, and there are three of them on our playground. Let's list all the available game modes and talk about each of them in more detail.

1win game modes:

  • Fast money game
    All of the above games are considered fast. The essence of fast online casino games is instant outcome and entertainment.
  • Live games
    The peculiarity of live games is that they give players the opportunity to visit a real casino for money without leaving their home. This is possible thanks to the video broadcast of the gaming hall, in which the game is played by a real dealer. The mechanics of the game are quite simple, and if you don't understand anything, you can always ask the dealer a question.
  • Online Poker
    There are many fans of the game of poker on the Internet, especially for whom we have created the "Online Poker" section. Unlike fast card games in this mode, the player has to play not against a random number generator, but against real players.

Online casino bonuses 1win

1win real money casino stands out from others not only with a wide range of entertainment, but also with bonus offers. Bonuses are calculated for each user: for those who have just registered and those who have been on the portal for several years.

All 1win bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Cashback
  • Express bet bonus
  • Gifts for active players (Leaderboard)

Online casino: bonus for registration

Against the background of all promotional offers, the 1 win online casino welcome bonus stands out brightest. Its essence lies in the fact that each new player receives a bonus percentage of the first four deposits. The total percentage of 500% is split like this:

  • + 200% on the first deposit
  • + 150% for the second deposit
  • + 100% for the third deposit
  • + 50% for the fourth deposit

Cashback from loss

I would also like to note the opportunity to receive a part of the lost funds. Everyone understands that in online casinos you can both win and lose. Yes, it is unpleasant to lose, but we do our best to make you as less upset as possible because of the lost funds. Every week, you get back some of the money you lost, after which you have the opportunity to catch up. The cashback percentage depends on the total bets for the week.

Cashback The amount of bets per week Maximum cashback amount
1% от 37 000 ₴ 1 100 ₴
2% от 110 000 ₴ 1 500 ₴
3% от 187 000 ₴ 1 870 ₴
4% от 300 000 ₴ 3 000 ₴
5% от 370 000 ₴ 6 000 ₴
10% от 3 700 000 ₴ 7 500 ₴
20% от 7 500 000 ₴ 11 000 ₴
30% от 18 700 000 ₴ 18 700 ₴