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What is poker and how to play it?

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Poker is a popular card game in which the player's task is to take the entire stack from opponents and make them leave the table. The one who was last at the table wins.

Playing 1win poker is incredibly exciting, because you need not only luck, but also cunning! It's not so easy to force opponents to fold. Show them that your hand is stronger and take all the bets for yourself!

Key types of poker in 1win casino

There are dozens of varieties of this card game. But the most popular types of poker that any beginner should start with are Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em has simple rules and is considered the best option for beginners. The game begins with the fact that two players, who are sitting immediately behind the dealer, make mandatory bets (big and small blind). Each of those seated at the table receives two cards, and then bets. Then the dealer lays out three cards on the table and the bidding begins again. After that, the fourth card is laid out, and the rates are doubled. And finally, the last fifth card! Players are now confident in their combinations and the game is gaining momentum! The player's task is to make the best combination of the cards he has and those that are on the table. You can discard cards at any time, and if a player still has chips, he does not leave the game, but simply waits for the next deal at 1win.


Omaha is similar to Hold'em, but here the casino players are dealt 4 cards each. Only two of them can be used to make combinations. In total, there can be up to five cards in a combination - two cards of the player and three cards from those lying on the table.

Poker 1win, basic hands

  • Royal Street Flash
    The most coveted poker hand and the strongest! Collect ace, king, queen, jack and ten in the same suit, and victory is up your sleeve!
  • Street Flash
    Five cards of the same suit, which come in a row at face value. The stronger the highest card, the stronger the combination.
  • Caret
    Four of the same virtues. For example, four ladies. The higher the value of the cards, the stronger the hand.
  • Full House
    Three cards of one denomination and two of the other. For example, a pair of kings and three tens is a great combination with high potential!
  • Flash
    Five cards of the same suit and any value. For example: ace, king, jack, eight and three.
  • Street
    Five offsuit cards, following each other at face value. The stronger the highest card, the better!
  • Set
    Three cards of one denomination, and two of the other. The strongest hand includes three cards of the highest rank. For example, three kings and two eights.
  • Two pairs
    A combination of two cards of one denomination and two of another denomination, the fifth card can be any. For example: two aces, two tens and three.
  • Couple
    Two cards of the same rank, for example, two tens. The rest of the cards can be any, different from each other in suit and denomination
  • High card
    Not the strongest combination, but sometimes they win with it. If you got five cards that cannot be connected in a combination, but you have a strong card (ace, king) in your hand, then it can save the situation.

As you can see, the rules of the game of poker are not that complicated; any beginner player can easily master them. We wish you good luck! Let only the strongest combinations fall out for you, and your opponents fold their cards as soon as you sit down at the table!


How to learn to play poker?

If you want to learn how to play poker, the first step is to learn the combinations. Poker is one of the most difficult card games, so you can't do without constant practice. And on the official 1win website, you can not only practice constantly, but also participate in various tournaments with prize money.

How to play poker online correctly?

On the 1vin website, you can play several different online poker modes. The easiest way to learn to play poker is to play fast cash games, and to practice in the cash game mode. With more experience, you have a great opportunity to win big money in the 1win tournament. Online poker is not our main specialization, it is at the highest level here.

How to win at poker?

Online poker has some differences from the traditional card game, but they only make life easier for the players. For example, on the Internet, you do not need to control your emotions by keeping the well-known poker face on your face. As for how to play poker correctly, it is up to each of you to decide. This is the only way you can claim big winnings.

What are the online poker tournaments at 1win casino?

In addition to the classic online poker cash game mode, the 1vin site has various tournaments in which anyone can play. Every day there are five tournaments with a prize pool from $ 100 to $ 1000, which will be divided between prize places. Also on our site there are more status tournaments that take place a couple of times a month.