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Plinko slot machine

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    Presented on the 1win website online game Plinko is a virtual emulator of the game of the same name, which has long been popular with players around the world. Due to its simplicity and the genuine fact of randomness, more and more people come to try their luck in this game. Some people are lucky, some not so much, but everyone should definitely try to play this game on 1win.

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    Plinko - what is it?

    The essence of the Plinko game for online casinos consists of three main points:

    1. Within a special field, a ball falls from top to bottom.
    2. When falling, the ball bumps into obstacles. As a result, it changes its trajectory of movement and, accordingly, until it reaches the bottom, it can change its direction in the most unpredictable way. Therefore, it is never known exactly where it will fall below.
    3. Depending on where the ball falls, the player will receive the corresponding profit.

    As you can see, plinko is very easy to play. Launch the ball, it falls and eventually brings a certain profit. Which in the game Plinko on the site 1win can be 555 times more than the amount of the bet!

    How does the Plinko casino online game work in 1win bookmaker?

    Sticks arranged in several rows at a certain distance from each other act as obstacles for the ball. The game Plinko on the 1win site uses 14 rows of obstacles. In this case, the widest row is located at the bottom and the narrowest row at the top. Thus, 14 rows of obstacles form a triangular figure with the base at the bottom and the top at the top.

    At the very bottom, under the base of the triangle of obstacles, there are cells, in an amount of 12 to 16 pieces in a row, not counting the central cell. Each cell has its own value, which increases evenly to the right and to the left, as the cells move away from the center. For example, the right and left cells near the center have the lowest yield, while the outermost cells have the highest yield.

    Plinko game in online casino 1win has three rows of cells at the bottom, one above the other: red, orange and green. Each row has a different minimum and maximum yield.

    1. Red row – the most risky. Contains the cells that have the smallest rate of return in the center, including 0 in the center cell. And the maximum profit ratio in the extreme cells on the right and left.
    2. Orange row – medium risk. These are cells in which the profitability of the central cells is higher than in the red row, but at the same time, the profitability of the outer cells is much lower.
    3. Green row – minimal risk and reward. In this row, even the central cell has a profit factor of x0.5. That is a win-win option. But at the same time, if the ball falls into the last cell, you can win quite a bit.

    As a result, you can choose the level of risk in the online casino plinko game that suits you best. Lose a bet for the chance to win the maximum. Or lose half the bet, but also win the maximum of nothing.

    Plinko 1win

    How to play Plinko game on 1win?

    After enabling the game on the 1win site, the user can play in the proposed default option or change the settings. By default, the game is set to:

    • minimum bid;
    • 14 cells with the maximum yield x353.

    If you’re happy with that, all you need to play plinko is press a button and the game will begin. As simple as slots. Just need to first decide what color the button will be. The color of the button corresponds to the row by which the yield will be calculated.

    Please note that you can play in Plinko demo mode and for real money. To do this, you must make the appropriate choice.

    How can I change the online casino Plinko?

    In the event that you are not satisfied with the proposed conditions in the Plinko game by default, you can set your own settings. The Plinko game has the following features:

    • Number of cells. You can set 12, 14 or 16. At the same time, the yield in the cells automatically changes, the more there are, the higher the profit. As well as the number of obstacles for the ball.
    • Stake amount – you can choose from 0.30 to 100 dollars. Accordingly, the higher the bet, the greater the win. In the Plinko game at 1win, you can win 555 times your stake if you set 16 slots.
    • Autoplay with additional settings. Before starting the autoplay, you can select the number of games, after which the autoplay will automatically turn off. For example, after 10 or 200 games. And also set a cash limit for autoplay. For example, the automatic start of the game will stop if your balance decreases by $100. Other settings are available, up to changing the bet limit after winning or losing.

    In this way, you can practically customize the game for yourself and put Plinko slot on autopilot so you don’t have to press the button every time.

    Plinko 1win

    Mobile version of Plinko in BC 1win

    All modern online games, including Plinko casino, are fully adapted for playing on a phone or tablet. At the same time, it does not matter what phone or tablet you have, the Plinko game is cross-platform and multi-browser. This means that it will work without problems on both Android and iOS. At the same time, it will automatically adjust to the screen of your device.

    You can play Plinko using your mobile gadget in two ways:

    1. Open mobile browser and go to 1win official website. There, find and turn on the Plinko game. After that, it will immediately adjust to the screen completely filling it. Therefore, you can play Plinko just as conveniently as on a computer.
    2. Same as in the first option, go to the 1win website through a mobile browser. But do not turn on the game, but download Plinko 3d in a mobile application to your device. After installing the application, you need to log in to it and select the Plinko game. If you decide to download Plinko 3d to your phone, don’t worry, it will also automatically adjust to the screen of your mobile device, just like the web version.

    Each player chooses what is more convenient for him, but we recommend using the second option. Since in this case you will not need to open a browser and go to 1win bookmaker. You just open the application and all the games are in front of you.


    How reliable is the Plinko game?

    The 1win bookmaker provides its users with only proven, certified programs from licensed providers. The Plinko game is also certified by an independent international auditor. Therefore, you can be sure that all the results in the game are completely random.

    Why is Plinko better than 1win slots?

    Even though the Plinko game is as easy to manage as the slots. It has a number of additional options. For example, customizable money management in automatic mode. Which allows you to use the doubling strategy. In addition, you can change the yield and choose the degree of risk.

    How much can you win in Plinko on 1win?

    The 1win version of Plinko allows you to win up to 555 times your stake. That is, if you select the red row in the next round and the ball hits the last cell, with a bet of $100, you will receive $55,000.

    Can Plinko be played for free?

    1win online casino provides all its visitors with the opportunity to play Plinko absolutely free of charge. To do this, you just need to turn on the game on the site, even without authorization. After that, it will start in demo mode, and you will be credited with virtual money for the game.

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