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    Aviator is a simple yet highly rewarding real money casino game. Your rate is growing right before our eyes! It is not difficult to win at all, literally in a minute you can increase your bet by 10, 100 or even 1000 times. Do you want to know how? Then stay with us - we’ll tell you everything about the Aviator game right now!

    At the beginning of the round, the player make a bet. On the screen you will see a simple interface - a schematic representation of an aircraft and a take-off field in the form of a diagram. As soon as our plane starts to climb, the size of your bet grows. It can increase gradually and reach only a small coefficient - x2.5 or x3.7. But more impressive odds may appear on the screen - x50, x100 and others.

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    Game rules Aviator 1vin

    The player’s task is to cash out money in time, until the plane leaves the boundaries of the playing field and flew away to unknown distances. Everything is very simple! The main thing to remember is that a tit in hand is always better than a lost bet.

    A 1win online casino player can make 2 bets at once within 5 seconds from the end of the previous round. How to place a bet on Aviator through the 1win website?

    • register on the site or log in via social networks, mail or phone;
    • make a deposit to the main account, go to the game Aviator through the main menu in the “More” section;
    • choose 1 or 2 bets under the main field of the game.

    In each betting field there is an option to choose automatic withdrawal of winnings or automatic bet, the player selects the amount of the bet through “+” and “-” or click on ready-made amounts below: 10, 20, 50 hryvnia.

    The player can redeem each of the bets at a different time, but if the plane has departed and the bets are not redeemed in time — both 1win Aviator bets will lose if only 1 out of 2 is redeemed, only the first is settled.

    After the redemption of the bet in the Aviator, the funds are immediately credited to the gambler’s account, he can try his luck again. 1win online casino is the official partner of the Aviator game, the honesty and transparency of the game is guaranteed. The Aviator has a 97% payback percentage, which provides excellent winning opportunities with a clear strategy and luck.

    Features of Aviator 1 win:

    • bets are only possible after the end of the previous session;
    • Bet acceptance time is limited to 5 seconds, the minimum size is — 1 hryvnia;
    • in one session, a gambler can make only 2 bets;
    • changing the amount of the bet after the start of the flight is not available;
    • withdrawal of winnings is possible at any time during the flight of the aircraft;
    • Odds played at the top of the main screen
    • the list of made bets and their result is available in the left menu of the game;
    • If the bet is not redeemed after the end of the flight, it loses.

    1win AVIATOR

    How to get a bonus in the game Aviator?

    To receive a special bonus from 1win online casino, you will need to register on our official website and make your first deposit. All new users of 1win online casino are provided with a first deposit bonus of 500% of the bonus amount! The bonus offer is easy to win back with funds from the main account in the Aviator game.

    In addition to bonuses, there is a promotional code 1win, which is called a voucher. A 1win voucher is a code for replenishing a gaming account without wagering, the client simply receives money to the account and can place 1win bets on any online casino games, including Aviartor. In order to receive up-to-date vouchers, we advise you to subscribe to the telegram channel of our casino, where you can find not only promotional codes, but also links to the 1win mirror for constant play.

    Winning strategies: life hacks from 1win

    In order to increase their chances of winning, many players resort to certain methods of play. Unlike classic slots, the Aviator online game can really work in your favor with the optimal strategy of the game. There are several of them:

    1. The easiest and most effective way is to place small bets and withdraw money as soon as the odds start to rise. Even 1.1 or 1.5x is already a victory! Especially if you are not trivial with the size of the rates. Of course, such a strategy requires a long game and takes away some of the excitement, but it guarantees that you will always be in the black.
    2. The doubling strategy works in many casino games, and the Online Aviator is no exception. The scheme is extremely simple: if you bet 50 hryvnia and lose, the next bet should be 100 hryvnia. Etc. Cash out as soon as the claim ratio has reached two or more. Thus, as soon as the bet is played, you will be in the black, even if several previous sessions were unsuccessful.
    3. Another popular strategy for playing Aviator 1win is to look for high odds. Experienced gamblers know that odds above 10 rarely appear, but every hour they fall out for sure, players need to carefully monitor the flight of the aircraft at low odds, trying to catch the maximum flight height. To do this, the player makes two bets at once, if the plane flew above x4, it is better to buy out the first bet in order to stay in the black for sure, the buyout of the second bet should start with x10. But it is important to remember that the Aviator game is based on a random number generator, so no one can accurately determine the presence of high odds, randomness plays an important role here.

    The Aviator game is a bit like betting, and therefore many of the game strategies used by sports betting fans can be applied to this slot as well.

    We recommend approaching the Aviator game with a grain of salt, but remember - only a well-considered strategy and tactics can bring you a guaranteed victory. Good luck!

    1win AVIATOR

    What is the minimum bet you can place on 1win Aviator?

    We are the official partners of the Aviator game. Only with us you will get a guaranteed winning opportunity! After all, high-quality software from the manufacturer is the basis for safe play and fair results. The Aviator game on the site 1win casino is located in the main menu, so it will not be difficult to find it.

    To start playing Aviator online for real money, you need to register and make a deposit. This will allow you to receive an additional bonus. The Aviator game is also available to unregistered users in test mode. All the features of the game are completely identical to the standard version, but the game session is conducted on the virtual currency of the casino. If you have any questions about the registration procedure and deposit replenishment, please contact the online casino technical support service.

    Like other gambling games, the Aviator allows you to earn real money and get a charge of vivid emotions. This game is quite simple, the design is not distinguished by complex graphics and animations. But this is by no means a minus! Focus on the main thing: your goal is to get money. Uncomplicated gameplay allows even a novice gambler to learn how to play Aviator quickly and efficiently. A calm interface does not overload the brain and the visual channel of perception with unnecessary information. This game was created for those who really want to make money!


    How to bet on sports online?

    According to the rules of 1win online casino, the minimum bet is only 1 hryvnia. The Aviator game does not require large investments, especially if your goal is to have fun and get your share of the excitement. If you play on another online platform, we recommend that you first study the casino policy. The original Aviator game is presented on the 1win Ukraine website.

    Can I play Aviator in Russian?

    Yes, the Aviator game is available for 1win casino users in Russian. It is very convenient! Despite the simple interface of the game, the Russian-language versions are always closer, dearer and more understandable for the inhabitants of our country. So, you can even intuitively understand the rules of the Aviator online game.

    Do betting strategies work in the Aviator game?

    Many players have noticed certain patterns in the Aviator game. Approximately every half an hour, the odds of the bets grow up to ISK 10 or X 100. This means that playing Aviator online at this time is the most profitable. And of course, you shouldn't forget about the classic financial casino strategies in order to consistently win and not risk your bankroll.

    Can I play Aviator without registration?

    Yes, you can play the test demo version of the Aviator game, even if you are not a registered user of our online casino. The demo version is fully compatible with the real money Aviator game. Unfortunately, the winnings in this case will be virtual - it cannot be withdrawn to the card. To get access to all the features of the game, register on the 1win casino website and deposit funds into your gaming account.

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