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    Initially, the sweepstakes was a special counter at horse racing, which displayed the amounts wagered by spectators on the participating horses. After some time, the bookmaker himself, who offered to bet on horse races, began to be called a tote.

    In the modern world, one more meaning has been added to the already existing meanings. Now sports betting is a separate type of real money betting, which has its own differences from ordinary bets. The main feature that distinguishes Toto from other types of bets is the presence of a pleasant Jackpot.

    The jackpot is divided among the participants of the event according to the percentage of correct outcomes of the match. The biggest shares, of course, go to the winners with the most correctly predicted outcomes.

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    Online sports betting 1 win

    Many experienced bettors have probably heard about the online totalizator, and if they haven’t, then now we will certainly fix it.

    So, how is the totalizator from 1win different from other types of bets?

    Let’s start with the fact that a sweepstakes is a game for real money, with which you can make a withdrawal. The opportunity to win real money is always more pleasant than additional bonuses, agree?

    Toto for sporting events invites you to bet the amount of the bet on several events at once. You can choose these events on the 1vin website yourself, or you can try a ready-made list of events from the bookmaker. Usually, no more than 15 events are chosen for a toto, however, this largely depends on the type of the totalizator itself, but more on that below.

    1 win Tote

    Let’s talk about Jackpot! It is collected from all betters’ bets and distributed after, based on the results of the match: guessed a lot - got a lot, guessed a little - got a little:

    • Small winning percentage. Users 1win, who predicted a small number of outcomes, receive the prize. In some types of toto, these are 2 correct outcomes of an event out of 8 declared ones.
    • Large winning percentage. Such a percentage will only go to the lucky ones or betters with a sharp and experienced eye, who looked at the statistics on the site and correctly predicted the outcome of at least 9 matches out of 15 available.

    Usually, bookmakers offer only a ready-made version of events, where teams go with the same score, which makes it more difficult to guess who is stronger. The bookmaker and online casino 1win offers different toto options that suit both the casino and the users of the site!

    What is the difference between sports betting and classic 1 vin bets

    Online sports betting is similar in many ways to other types of 1 win bets, but it has a number of significant differences:

    • Tote has no odds. For classic bets, the coefficient is the most important component of a successful sports betting, because the size of the win depends on it, and the outcome of the match can be partly judged by it, in other words , it is extremely important for an ordinary rate.
      For online betting for money, the number of bettors who participate in events is important first of all. Odds for sports betting are not important for the most part.
    • The presence of the Jackpot. Only in toto of all types of bets there is a Jackpot. It is collected from the total amount of bets of betters who participate in events. In an ordinary bet, the better knows in advance how much he can win, because this can be calculated based on the odds and his bet. At the same time, it cannot be done.
    • There are fewer options. In an ordinary or classic bet, you can try to bet on absolutely any outcome, not limited to the number of goals scored or the victory of one of the teams. In a classic bet, you can even bet on whether a fan will run onto the field in the second half of the game or not.

    The online totalizator most often offers only 3 outcomes: the victory of team A, the victory of team B or a draw. In addition, there is a special kind of sweepstakes where you are invited to predict the exact score of the game.

    What are the similarities between 1win multiple bet and online sweepstakes

    Sometimes, when novice users ask: «What is a tote», bookmakers answer that this is a Mega Express bet. And this has its own truth, because these types of bets are really similar in many ways, but they also have a number of differences. Therefore, we cannot say that this is a type of Express bet.

    1win Тотализатор

    Let’s look at their similarities:

    • You can participate in several events at once. Perhaps the main similarity is the ability to take part in several online casino bets at once. Both there and there, they usually make bets on the number of events less than 15. In express bets, you choose events exclusively on your own, while sports betting offers ready-made lists of events.
    • Few possible outcomes. Another similarity between toto and express bets is that there are only 3 choices of outcomes: team A wins, team B wins, or a draw. However, remember that toto has other types that offer you to guess a specific score.

    1win online sports betting - features

    1win bookmaker offers online betting with a number of features:

    Jackpot unknown

    Since the Jackpot is made up of the total amount of bettors on sports events, it is not known in advance what it will be. How much you can win bettors will find out only after the start of the event itself.

    Sweepstake rules are subject to change

    Each bookmaker that supports online betting can change the rules, making it more convenient and profitable for themselves and their users.

    This is a completely common practice, since each online casino has its own 1win bonuses and promotions, sometimes its own system , which provides smooth operation of withdrawals. The casino introduces a totalizator on the platform under its own rules.

    Before using toto at 1 win bookmaker, we advise you to carefully read the 1win rules.

    You can win real money

    If you consider yourself a person who is really interested in sports betting, then the sweepstakes is for you. Each event is quite predictable, especially if you connect a detailed table with statistics for each team to your prediction.

    Toto will allow you not only to enjoy the game, but also to earn extra money. In addition, you can watch your favorite team play live on the 1win website. All authorized users of the platform can watch matches in good quality.

    Events can be mixed

    With a totalizator you can bet on different types of sports games! Do you like football and hockey? No problem - bet on both at once, because 1 win offers such an opportunity.


    There are different types of sweepstakes

    Online sweepstakes has varieties, which we suggest you consider below.

    1win sports betting: toto varieties

    Sports tote 1 vin has many varieties, the main of which are as follows:

    • «1x2». This type of toto can be considered a classic, it is most common. This is a bet on mixed events, usually a bet of 10-15 events with a small number of predicted outcomes: team A wins, team B wins, or teams will draw. The share of winnings in the 1win totalizator is calculated simply: the more you guessed, the more you won.
    • «Exact score» is a type of toto that offers you to predict a specific score of events. Usually, for the exact score, bookmakers offer ready-made lists with events, after which the better predicts the score. For example, team B won the match 4-3.
      For this type of totalizator, no more than 10 events are used, and in order to win, you need to correctly predict the outcome of at least 2 events.
    • Tote of one sport. If you are looking for a basketball betting or 1win football betting, then you have found the perfect venue, congratulations! Toto for a separate sport is on the 1 vin platform.

    1win Responsible Gaming and Sweepstakes Online

    It is very important for us that the users of the bookmaker and online casino 1vin approach their hobby very responsibly. Remember that bets, online games, slot machines and other content of the platform are random winnings, not permanent earnings.

    Before starting your session at 1win, pay attention to the following points:

    • Session time. It is good to determine in advance the time that you are ready to give to the bookmaker. How much time you are willing to spend on slot machines, casino slots or on bets in the «Live» or «Lines» section of the 1win website is better to decide in advance.
    • Specific amount. Use only personal funds, with the expectation that if your bet does not play, you will not lose much. Remember that even if you are completely confident in the victory of your favorite team, there is always the possibility that something will go wrong and the team will make a number of mistakes. We remind Geblers that all online slot machines are based on a number generator program for a random win.

    Most of the time, all you need is luck. Play responsibly!


    Can I watch matches if I don't use 1vin sweepstakes?

    Yes. All registered users can watch matches in good quality and in real time. For this, it is not necessary to place any bets. The official 1win website offers to watch matches, you only need to go to the «TVBET» or «1win TV» section.

    Is it okay for a beginner to play 1win sports betting online?

    Yes. The tote is suitable for both beginners and experienced bettors. The 1win bookmaker makes the conditions equal for all users. Tote is an excellent type of betting for beginners, which is not complicated by knowing the odds. In order to win real money, a beginner needs to develop his vision of the team's game and study the statistics for specific teams, which are also available on the 1win website.

    Does sports betting work with 1 win mobile app?

    Sure. The 1win official website supports any modern device: a mobile phone or tablet with an Android or IOS system, as well as on a computer. You can also bet on the mobile app. In addition, for downloading the application you will be given 5,000 bonus rubles. You won’t be able to withdraw funds, but it’s very possible to spend them on casino slots, for example.

    Can I bet football on 1win?

    Yes. Since our users are very fond of football, there is also a sweepstakes for this sport. In addition to football, you can bet on other sports that are in the «Live» and «Line» sections. It is there that you can fill out a coupon for a bet and other types of bets. For esports lovers, there is also a choice of 7 popular online games.