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    Fights without rules. How many people around the world have been watching this sport for a very long time. After all, it combines not only entertainment and adrenaline, but also the most interesting confrontations and whole stories of fighters that do not leave anyone indifferent. Perhaps that is why this discipline has become one of the most popular bets in the world. And many people love to bet on UFC No Rules fights in order to fuel their interest in watching the fight.

    Of course, this implies the fact that the official 1win website provides its users with such an opportunity: to bet on the UFC! The bookmaker provides a wide line and a huge number of events that can surprise even those who have long been familiar with the world of betting. It is worth noting that the odds for MMA fights are often not very attractive due to the dominance of any fighter. But 1win bk has provided for this problem and gives simply incredible odds so that each user can win their first money.

    In order to start your journey, you need to create your account, the section - 1win registration will help you with this. After this step is completed, you can get long-awaited signup bonuses that will help you in your first steps in the world of betting!

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    UFC Bets : 1win

    Betting on the UFC has long won the hearts of many MMA fans around the world. But in order to make predictions correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with how a roster like the UFC works. Let’s see: what are the events, weight categories and how to use it correctly in order to correctly bet on fights without UFC rules. 1 win is always ready to help users learn something new!

    First, let’s understand what events exist. There are only 2 types of them: numbered tournaments UFC and Fight Nights. How they differ and why there is a division, many ask this question, but in fact there is nothing complicated about it.

    Numbered tournaments are events that are named in the format - UFC 283, and more eminent athletes often perform at these. That is, such tournaments gather more spectators, due to the fact that the fights are more interesting. For example, at Fight Night you rarely see a title fight, but for numbered tournaments, this is often the icing on the cake of this event.

    Fight Night are also tournaments that are held under the auspices of the UFC, but less famous fighters perform at them and fights are often passing. Of course, even these have interesting fights where you can bet on UFC fighters. But in this case, it is necessary to understand very well how the roster system works and what form even little-known fighters are in.

    And of course, 1 win brings to the attention of users all the numbered tournaments, as well as Fight Nights so that everyone can win real money right now!
    UFC Online 1win Betting

    UFC Weight Categories

    Also, in order to correctly analyze a particular fight, one should understand in which weight category the fighters compete. What depends on the weight category and why is it so important to understand them? 1win is ready to answer this interesting question.

    In total, there are 10 weight categories in which athletes who have signed a contract compete and on which you can bet on UFC.

    Weight category Weight Gender
    Heavy weight 93-120 Male
    Light Heavyweight 84-93 Male
    Average weight 77-84 Male
    Welterweight 70-77 Male
    Light weight 66-70 Male
    Featherweight 61-66 Male/Female
    Bantamweight 57-61 Male/Female
    Flyweight 53-57 Male/Female
    Minimum weight 48-52 Female

    What influences the weight of an athlete?

    The weight category affects what style of combat the athlete leads, how hardy he is, the force of impact:

    • the higher the weight category of a fighter, the correspondingly lower endurance. And vice versa, if an athlete competes in the flyweight division, then he can easily spend all 3 or even 5 rounds! ;
    • fighting style: fighters from heavy weight classes rely on accurate and tight punches to win, as stamina is less. On the other hand, fighters who weigh less can afford to throw long, fast punches to win because they have more stamina. ;
    • impact force: in the light weight categories, the blow is not as strong for fighters as for those who compete in heavy ones, due to the weight of the athlete. What does this information give us? A knockout is more likely at heavyweight than lightweight or featherweight. From this it is worth starting in choosing the right rate for the UFS.
      Betting on UFC online 1win

    How to bet on UFC 1win tips

    After we figured out the nuances that a beginner can meet when he makes his first UFC bets. Now we need to turn to some rules that will help increase the chance of winning. 1 win bk is kindly ready to help all beginners, but do not forget that even «veterans» of betting will be able to pick up something interesting for themselves! Here are 3 top tips if you are just starting out or just about to bet on the UFC:

    1. Do not choose a fight whose fighters you do not know or have heard once. In order to choose the right outcome, you need to be aware of who these fighters are, how they perform and what they are capable of. Often, this information makes it clear a lot about a particular confrontation and makes it possible to place live bets on the UFC from 1win.
    2. After you have chosen a fight, do not rush to immediately choose the winning result simply by which fighter is statistically stronger. Do some preliminary analysis, look at the last few fights of each and draw conclusions for your UFC bet.
    3. The final stage will be the final weigh-in. It often happens that athletes do not have time to reduce weight to the limits that allow them to perform. Or vice versa: they lose weight, but at the cost of their own health and strength for a duel, they simply do not have it left. This factor is one of the most important and 1 vin advises to always pay attention to it.

    UFC Online 1win Betting

    Why do beginners choose 1win?

    Well, now let’s see why for the first bet on the UFC, most beginners choose us for their prediction. There are a lot of reasons for this, which we will now list so that you have no doubts that 1win is the best bookmaker among competitors:

    • great promotions and 1win bonuses for all users of the site 1win online casino : both for beginners and for those who have been with us for a long time ;
    • wide line and fast withdrawal of funds;
    • accessibility: you can access the 1win website from absolutely any device. It can be either a PC or any device based on IOS / Android;
    • many modules for the game. In addition to sports betting, 1 vin is also famous for such a section as «Slots», in which you can win good money right now !

    That is why users choose us, because 1 win bk does everything for their comfort!


    Can I bet on UFC on 1win from my Android mobile phone?

    Of course, one of the main advantages of 1win is accessibility! You can use the official site and bet on the UFC or any other sport online! Absolutely any device that you have is suitable for this, the main thing is that it has a browser. PC, laptop or phone based on Android or IOS.

    How fast can I withdraw funds from 1win after my first UFC bet?

    Withdrawal is one of the features 1win works on daily. This is done so that the user can both easily win real money and get it quickly! Everything is done solely for the comfort and convenience of the user! And it doesn't matter if you bet on the UFC or, for example, on basketball or football.

    How wide is the line on 1vin for betting UFC online?

    There is a very wide line on 1win for betting on UFC online. This is done so that each user can find a fight for the correct prediction just for himself. You can bet on any event that is presented in the line: it can be either a numbered tournament or a regular Fight Night.

    What promotions and bonuses are waiting for me at 1winbk for my first bet on the UFC?

    1winbk is famous for its bonus offers for all users: both for beginners and for those who have already enough long time with us! Promotions that are the most popular among others and worth your attention: +500% to the first deposit and no deposit bonuses. Thanks to them, betting on the UFC becomes even more interesting and profitable!