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    Hockey betting today is not as popular as football, basketball or tennis. But, despite this, the number of fans making predictions for hockey matches is increasing every day. Betters with many years of experience mostly choose the most popular leagues in this sport. Therefore, bets on the NHL and KHL occupy a leading position in the list of bets.

    At the same time, most of the players begin to be interested in forecasts for hockey events when world-famous teams enter the ice arena. And this happens in the most famous tournaments and championships. You can find a list of such competitions on one of the company’s resources. 1win bookmaker is one of them. It offers its customers a wide range of bets and a variety of tournaments to meet all the needs of fans of this sport.

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    Hockey betting: types and features

    Players who prefer to make classic online hockey bets, immediately after registration at 1win, get access to the full range of opportunities. The bookmaker’s lines are full of such types of bets as:

    • Total;
    • Fora;
    • The outcome.

    When choosing the latter type, players will need to predict which of the two teams fighting in the duel will win. Also, bettors are invited to make a choice in favor of a draw or bet real money on one of the positive results for the team. The key feature of choosing a double outcome is that the odds for it always have a much lower value than for the standard one. All bets on hockey, which are accepted by 1win, are calculated taking into account regular time.

    Betting on hockey bookmaker - handicap

    The proposed betting option is considered one of the most popular types in hockey. It is of interest to customers of the bookmaker and 1win casino. Handicap has a second name “handicap”. This rate is conditionally divided into several subspecies:

    • Positive. Players can win in the upcoming match only if they win the home match, or the game ends in a draw. It is also allowed to lose with a minimum margin on points;
    • Negative. It implies the victory of the leader’s team with a fixed difference. For example, with a coefficient of -1.5 for the second team, it will have to win by more than 2 pucks;
    • Asian. The handicap value can be an integer or displayed with a half (0.5). When choosing the Asian handicap, this indicator ends with the numbers 0.25. The bets made on hockey online are divided in half, while the odds are fixed different.
    • Zero. Represents an increased probability of winning the favorite of the meeting. When a draw is recorded in the tournament, the money is returned to the player’s account.

    Handicap is very often used by professional players.

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    Each player and client of the 1win bookmaker chooses a strategy for betting on hockey matches. In most cases, such tactics are based on the choice of total bets. At the same time, the company itself sets a certain statistical indicator. It can be penalty minutes, removals from the playing area, the number of goals scored in the goal, etc. And the player has to make a choice and indicate whether the teams can exceed this indicator or not. In case of fixing a whole number, the funds are returned back to the account.

    The total can also be divided into such types as general and individual. When choosing the second option, the result of one of the teams or a particular hockey player is calculated.
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    Hockey Betting: Popular Winning Strategies

    Betters who prefer to regularly bet on hockey live and in pre-match mode initially try to choose a winning strategy for themselves. On the Internet, you can find information about classic tactics and schemes developed in a narrow direction, taking into account the first systems. The most popular strategies are:

    • Total over 6.5;
    • Bet on a pocketed puck at the end of the main period;
    • Express from consecutive bets;
    • Catching up with a draw in a certain period.

    In addition, pleasant 1win bonuses for sports from a bookmaker increase the chances of winning a solid amount of money. You can get them for performing certain actions, and a variety of gifts are listed in a special section of the site.

    Alternative Hockey Betting Strategies

    The first strategy is suitable for hockey matches with a high score. That is, when 2 strong teams meet on the ice arena, they can easily score more than 7 goals in total. Therefore, the proposed tactics are used by players at long distances, bringing them significant amounts of money.

    Dogon - strategy betting on hockey 1win

    The draw chasing system is considered one of the simplest standard variations that are used by 1win bookmaker customers to bet on hockey tournaments. It is based on the result, which is the completion of matches with parity. When bets on hockey for the first part of the meeting did not play, the better should choose a similar outcome of the event for the second part of regular time. At the same time, the amount of 1win sports betting must be increased in order to be able to cover the expenses spent on the first bet. After reaching the goal, the selected tournament is abandoned.

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    Fans of a reliable online game should give their preference to group bets. All accumulator bets are formed from predictions, hockey odds for bets on which are minimal. But even in this case, one main rule should be followed - choose no more than four events.

    The tactic, which chooses the option of scoring the puck at the end of the game itself, is only effective enough if, before the end of the tournament, one of the two opponents loses by a narrow margin. At such moments, the coach often removes the goalkeeper from the game and sends him to the field to the rest of the hockey players, so the likelihood of a direct hit of the puck into the opponent’s goal increases significantly.
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    Hockey betting on 1win: pros and cons

    Many bettors are still wondering why betting on hockey events is gaining popularity along with football matches and tennis tournaments? One explanation is the spectacle of the games, which are of great interest to the audience. Depending on the level of professionalism of the athletes, tournaments are selected in which a variety of teams compete. The most exciting competitions are those that bring together the leading hockey clubs that occupy the first positions in the standings.

    But bookmakers are generally in no hurry to encourage the interests of players. Therefore, the line often contains matches in the main international format, the list of which includes the KHL and the NHL. At the same time, the margin for such a meeting is higher compared to that observed in basketball and football matches. And the limits are often considered too low.

    But even despite this, online hockey bets attract the attention of many modern bettors. Games are quite unpredictable, which increases interest in them. In tournaments, even the weakest teams can get ahead and beat the favorite team. Also, all matches are so dynamic and spectacular that every spectator is breathtaking while watching them. And the saturation of the calendar of events does not allow betters to sit idle.
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    What should I pay attention to when betting on hockey?

    In order to win substantial amounts of money when choosing hockey betting, it is important to focus on a list of certain factors. The main ones include the number of injured athletes, the statistics of losses and wins for the last period of time, the goals set by the opposing team. The result is also affected by the parameters of the playing area.

    Which is the best online hockey betting - live or pre-match?

    All online hockey bets that are placed before the start of the match involve the use of strategies. Each of the proposed tactics takes into account the pre-match analysis, which allows betters to soberly assess the situation. When choosing the live mode, there is a frequent meeting of surebets. But such an end to the game is often accompanied by a full return or even abandonment of the tournament. Therefore, you will not be able to earn money.

    Which bookmaker offers the most profitable hockey bets?

    Before placing bets on a bookmaker's hockey, you should familiarize yourself with the most famous ratings of companies providing this type of service. To get access to the full range of opportunities and an extensive betting line, many players stop their choice on the 1win bookmaker website. Here you can earn money at tournaments of different levels of professionalism of athletes.

    What are the benefits of betting on hockey?

    Hockey betting is in high demand among bettors. They go to the same level as football and tennis betting. Such popularity is explained by the entertainment and dynamism of the competition, the unpredictability of each match, and rather high odds for the results.