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    Fisticuffs.. For many years they have been famous for their popularity around the world. Every day the popularity of these sports is growing at an incredible rate. Every fan is looking forward to the very fight in which his favorite fighter will perform. Naturally, such popularity could not pass without a trace, and that is why predictions for these sports are a huge success with all international bookmakers.

    Separately, I would like to touch on boxing bets, since this type of fisticuffs is one of the most popular. Thousands of fans daily can’t wait for the main confrontations for titles in various weight categories. Of course, the 1win bookmaker could not ignore the outcomes of such events. Boxing betting is one of the most popular types of betting on bookies. Thousands of fans make predictions for it every day. But how to start making the first bets on boxing, as well as win real money? Today we will talk about just that!

    In order to start predicting boxing matches, you need to have some information that 1win bookmaker is willing to kindly share with you. What is boxing, why is it possible and necessary to bet on it, as well as what weight categories exist and what depends on them? Everything about boxing bets you will find right here!

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    Before betting on boxing : 1win

    Before you start placing your first bets on boxing, you need to go through a few important steps, without which you will not be able to get to know 1win. The first and one of the most important is to create an account on bq. This is done so that you can use all the features without any restrictions. A section such as “1win registration” will help you with this. By clicking on this link, you can create a profile and start getting acquainted with the interface and functionality of the site.

    After the registration is completed, you should secure your game on the site and read such a thing as the user agreement. Why is it so important? Everything is very simple: knowing all the rules of the resource, you can protect yourself and your bets on boxing or any other sport. You will not encounter unpleasant situations that may come your way, and you will also be sure that you are as protected as possible. With this function, a section such as “1win game rules” will help you a lot. By clicking on this link, you can easily get acquainted with all the requirements of the bookmaker and make your game even more pleasant and calm!

    After these two critical steps are completed, it’s worth taking a look around! View all the modes that are available to you, as well as visit your personal account. There you can track your forecast statistics, as well as slot games, which are also present on 1win. To the left of your profile icon is the Replenishment section. There you can find many ways to replenish through the most convenient payment services.
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    Bet boxing : 1win explains

    Before you make your first boxing prediction, you should get acquainted with this sport and understand how it works. This will not be difficult to do, because boxing itself is much easier than the same football or basketball. In general, the rules are clear and understandable even to those who are just getting acquainted with this sport. Two boxers take part in the fight, it lasts 12 rounds, provided that it did not end ahead of schedule. Yes, the fight can end before the 12th round if one of the opponents delivers, for example, a knockout blow and the opponent does not have the opportunity to continue to fight.

    See how simple it is? Now we can move on to the most interesting and fascinating. Everything would be too simple if not for these insidious weight categories. 1win will be happy to tell and explain what they are and what they influence during the fight. After all, a fighter weighing 93 kg cannot go against another, whose weight is only 64 kg.
    There are eight weight categories in total. We divide them into 3 categories: heavy, medium and light. Depending on which weight category a particular fighter is in, his weight must strictly correspond to the framework of this division. What do weight categories affect, and which of them should not bet on boxing?

    Heavy weight

    Fighters who compete in this category have the following qualities, such as:

    • low endurance;
    • comparative slowness;
    • quite a strong blow

    Average weight

    Athletes from this weight class have average characteristics, in which it is rather difficult to single out one thing. Their fights are hard to predict. That is why this division is not quite suitable for beginners to place their first bets on boxing.

    A light weight

    Boxers from this division can boast the following advantages:

    • high endurance;
    • fast and biting blows;
    • high-speed combination movements.

    Now that we know a little more about what boxing is, betting on this sport will be much easier. But do not forget about cold analysis, as well as observation. The more fights you watch, the more confident you will be in your future predictions for 1win bq.
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    Why do newbies choose 1win?

    Finally, I would like to tell you why exactly 1win site is one of the leading in the betting segment, as well as why beginners in the field of betting choose it. You should start with the fact that there are a lot of reasons for this and you will have to highlight a few that will convince you once and for all that it is best to bet on boxing with 1win! Well, let’s get started:

    • wide line and decent odds. Thanks to such details, a lot of betters stay with 1win. Since it is not always possible to find an interesting and high odds for the event that you have been waiting for so long;
    • availability. This is one of the main advantages of 1vin bk, because you can access the official website using absolutely any device with an online browser. Suitable: PC, laptop and mobile phone with Android OS or IOS. Thanks to this approach, you do not have to download additional programs, and access to the site will always be at absolutely any point;
    • fast withdrawals. Well, who doesn’t love it when money comes quickly? The task of 1win was such that not only to make sure that the user could win money, but also that the withdrawal was lightning fast;
    • endless 1win bonuses and promotions. Yes, yes, it is endless, you can use them at any time, and not only at the beginning of your acquaintance with 1win. These offers are available to absolutely all users and it is better to start betting on boxing with an impressive bonus!
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    Can I bet on boxing on the 1win site using my Android smartphone?

    Of course you can, as accessibility is one of the main advantages of 1win bookmaker over others. You can access the site from completely different devices. If you want - a PC, inconveniently - a mobile phone based on IOS / Android. All this is done to make box betting more convenient than ever!

    What promotions can I get with my first 1win deposit for my first live box bet?

    1win bookmaker is famous for its bonus offers, and the promotions are simply mesmerizing for all users. When making your first deposit, we strongly advise you to take advantage of the bonus, which will give you as much as +500% on your first deposit to the site! In turn, you can use it to place a box bet using the bonus balance!

    What are some tips for winning real money box betting with 1win?

    In order to place winning box bets with 1win, there are a few rules you need to follow to help you collect your first cash facilities : make decisions yourself, without anyone's help; do not bet on emotions; Use your balance wisely.

    Can I use any software to bet on 1win boxing?

    Sure! If you are tired of betting on boxing online in your browser, then you have the opportunity to download the 1win application, which retains all the functionality of the site. Not only will you be able to bet on various sports, but you can also make withdrawals and use all available bonuses and promotions!