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1win Statistics: information for players

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    Bookmaker 1win — this is not only a large selection of online casino games, but also a large selection of sporting events for live and pre-match bets. Our company accepts several thousand sports bets every day: people place accumulators and singles on championship matches in football, tennis, volleyball and other sports. In total, 34 sports are represented on the official website of 1 vin, including eSports disciplines and even Pop-MMA.

    Statistics are equally conveniently presented both on the website and in the mobile application on the phone and in the browser version of our betting shop. Sometimes, in order to access the site, you need to use the 1win mirror — Current addresses are available in our telegram channel.


    What are 1win statistics and how can they be useful in sports betting?

    So, what are statistics? This is all the technical information about the match for any sport. There is something in common, for example, stadiums and coaches — they are both in team (football, basketball) and individual sports (tennis, golf). But the rest of the statistics are very different depending on the sport. Fans of football and sports betting know that in matches there are not only scores and authors of goals scored, but also yellow cards, fouls, corners, penalties and a lot of statistical indicators that matter for betting and analytics. In live 1win, all players can look at some statistics in order to decide on a bet and have an understanding of the situation on the field now: this is the score, time and time.

    In tennis, instead of goals, cards and penalties, there are games, breaks, double faults and a host of other statistics that are recorded every minute even in minor tournaments. Basketball has three-point shots, individual player statistics, fouls and turnovers.

    To get more detailed information about past matches, we advise you to go to the “Statistics” section; on the 1 win website and in the mobile application, which can be downloaded immediately from the site.

    What statistics are presented on the 1win website?

    • tables of ongoing tournaments in all leagues, starting from the moment of foundation;
    • individual ratings in women’s and men’s versions of individual sports like tennis or badminton;
    • statistics of each team in the current championship;
    • comparative statistics and table for individual segments of the game: time, set;
    • individual statistics of players in team sports;
    • calendar and schedule of future matches, list of matches played;
    • lists of referees, club head coaches, stadiums and capacity
    • archived data about past tournaments, indicating the winner and prize-winners.

    Of course, the most detailed statistics are provided for football: there are several leagues of one country, including the lowest, detailed data on all players and coaches. In tennis, hockey and other sports, there are mainly a calendar, results and standings. Football — the most popular sport for sports betting, which is why 1win’s analytics department has collected the most detailed data on all leagues, championships and cups.

    In the statistics section, a search by teams, players and coaches is implemented. All users of the site and application 1 can easily find a player, and through him a club or team. Some matches in the 1 win bookmaker’s line allow you to go straight to the statistics, ranging from the major leagues in England, Spain, France, Russia and Germany to tennis and volleyball.

    Authorization is required to go to the statistics directly from the 1win site line! If the player has not yet registered, it will take only 2 minutes: you will need a phone, mail or an account in any social network.

    What is in the main menu of the 1win Statistics section?

    Users can see the top menu once they’re in a menu, such as a football stats page. It helps to better navigate the page and quickly find the information you need.

    Menu item “Browse” allows you to return to the main page with the current standings and detailed statistics for the tournament. On the page “In-person” first, random statistics of two teams from the championship are displayed, but by clicking on each club, you can select the clubs of interest. In “Intramural” the statistics of the confrontation between the two teams in this championship and in the past are given:

    • results of past meetings;
    • current statistics of each team by season (progress);
    • history of team meetings since a certain year;
    • average number of goals scored, overall and by half;
    • the presence of a series of victories, goals or defeats for each of the clubs;
    • calendar of future matches and list of last matches played;
    • chart with the position of teams by season;
    • individual comparison of opposing player statistics;
    • statistics on over/under, goals scored and conceded;
    • statistics of warnings and red cards by season;
    • The ratio of goals, the number of penalties awarded.

    Match calendar and league table

    In the Calendar section, promptly displays the current schedule of the championship by tours, teams, weeks and months. Many national championships are just starting in the summer, statistics for the Premier League tournaments, Laliga and other championships will still be updated.

    Menu item “Table” provides a detailed table with the statistics of teams of a certain league on the road, in the 1st and 2nd halves. In the “Teams” section all teams of this league are collected, each team is clickable, a personal profile of each club is opened: coach, stadium, squad, achievements. In the “Archive” section the entire history of the league or championship has been collected since its inception, the archive helps to quickly find the winners and champions of the league since its official start. if we take the Belgian Liga-Pro, then the archive has been valid for it since the 95/96 season!

    On the “Judges” page a complete list of official referees admitted to servicing matches of a particular championship is provided. Section “Stadiums” opens a complete list of the home arenas of the league teams, with the address, capacity and upcoming matches on them, as well as unique corner statistics.

    How to get to the statistics section on the 1win website?

    To get to the official website, just find the 1win mirror and follow the secure link to the main menu. Further in the paragraph “More” you need to find the “Results” pages in the drop-down list; and go to it.

    The main statistics menu will open before the player, where sports are presented:

    • football;
    • tennis;
    • hockey;
    • basketball;
    • handball;
    • volleyball;
    • baseball;
    • badminton;
    • cycling;
    • water polo;
    • curling;
    • American football;
    • Australian football;
    • darts;
    • winter sports;
    • racing;
    • Formula 1;
    • rally;
    • beach soccer;
    • speedway;
    • squash;
    • snooker
    • bandy;
    • field hockey.

    Important: all visitors to the site or application can access the statistics! To view the matches and the calendar, it is not necessary to pass authorization or register. But we are happy to invite new players by offering 1win first deposit bonus — it will help to place a bet after viewing the statistics and minimal analysis of the match.

    How to go to the tournament from the main statistics menu?

    Let’s say you want the Belgian football championship. What to do:

    • select the “Football” page in the main menu;
    • select Belgium from the drop-down list or enter a country in the search;
    • next, select championships from the list, they are arranged by “seniority”; leagues;
    • In this case, the top league in Belgian football is called the Pro League.

    After the transition, the tournament table of the current Belgian championship at the present time appears. If only 2 rounds have passed, the table for 1 win will still be displayed. Under the table of any tournament, the rules of this league for the distribution of places are always displayed.

    The following is detailed statistics of the current league, including goals by half, team performance, a list of the best scorers at the moment.

    Statistics in the bookmaker’s office allows you to study in detail the current position of a team or a player when choosing bets on sports at 1win. Our analytical department carefully and daily updates the data, all players can use the statistics, even those not registered on 1win.


    Are there esports statistics on 1win online?

    No, statistics on CS or Dota are not available in their full form in any of the bookmakers. Just because it is not being conducted, the final score and playing teams will be shown in the “Results” section of the 1win website, but so far there is no such program that will give detailed analytics on eSports in the bookmaker.

    How to find the statistics section of the office 1 win in the phone?

    You can view statistics and win money from your phone in two ways: enter the 1win website in a mobile browser or download the mobile application of our bookmaker for iOS and Android using the links on the site. You can find statistics via mobile to the right of the Live-games main menu item. The interface of the page is suitable for all smartphone models.

    How to find a team in statistics on 1win?

    To search for teams and players on the page, a search works, on the left and right in the main menu. The search for teams is carried out online by the first letters, all found teams are displayed in the first letters, it is better to search for players in the Latin alphabet, although more than 6 languages \u200b\u200bfor translation are available on the 1win website.

    How to win money in 1win betting shop using statistics?

    No one knows the working formula for winning money on bets, otherwise the bookmakers would go bankrupt. But experienced cappers use statistics to analyze past matches - they look at how the team has been playing lately, what tasks it has and who is available in the roster. It helps to analyze the matches of not the most popular leagues in football, hockey and basketball.