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Royal Mines - Immerse yourself in a world of excitement!

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    Official website of 1win invites you to evaluate the new gambling game Royal Mines! This is original software from our own developers, who have been delighting you with current new products for many years now. Besides, you won’t find anything like this in other online casinos! We recommend that you register on the 1win website as soon as possible and evaluate the new product yourself. And for all new clients there are additionally special casino offers!

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    Design and gameplay features of Royal Mines 1win

    Royal Mines 1win is a new unique game that has no analogues on the domestic market. In some ways, the essence of the game is reminiscent of a sapper, but in a much more simplified form. Visually, the game emulates the best mobile games like Clash Royal with its instantly recognizable landscapes. Therefore, you will find the most pleasant atmosphere, where there is room for pleasant winnings! But even this is not the main feature of Royal Mines online!

    The thing is that the new development 1win casino manages to give pleasure and bring real money at the same time. And it all comes down to the simplest and fastest gameplay possible. So, you can take home three times the original amount in just a few seconds! At the same time, the Royal Mines casino has a very flexible betting system. And to make everything clearer, let’s look at everything from the perspective of the rules of the new game.
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    Basic rules of playing Royal Mines

    So, Royal Mines online immediately helps you get comfortable in an unfamiliar atmosphere. The game interface is as simplified as possible, because there are a minimum of buttons on the screen. 90% of the usable area will be occupied by the playing field, divided into cells. At the very beginning of the game you need to decide on its appropriate size. Think carefully, since the installed multipliers and Royal Mines strategy will depend on the selected sizes.

    The essence of the game comes down to the fact that you need to gradually move from one line to another. In this case, a certain number of cells will be provided to choose from. For example, if you chose a 3x6 field format, then there will be 6 lines on the screen with three cells on each of them.

    As soon as you click on the selected cell, two outcomes are possible:

    • Victory and advancement - if successful, you will notice distinctive visual and sound effects. The winning cell will be highlighted in green, and your winnings will be credited to your balance within the game. The amount of winnings at Royal Mines casino depends on the initially set parameters. So, when choosing a 3x6 format, the bet multiplier on the first line will be x1.43. Then you can either take your winnings or continue the game to increase the multiplier to x2.14 by selecting a cell on the next line.
    • Defeat and a new bet - if you are unlucky, don’t be upset. Royal Mines slot will invite you to start a new round and try to hit the jackpot again! Moreover, you can increase your bet to try to win back the money you previously lost.

    In general, the rules of Royal Mines are mastered just as quickly as in Aviator 1win. After all, this gambling game also falls into the category of fast entertainment. And this implies the use of the simplest rules, in contrast to the same card games in online casinos.
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    Available platforms

    Another unconditional advantage of the Royal Mines slot is its versatility. The new original game 1 win can be easily launched in the browser of a mobile device. But you can increase your comfort level by downloading our multifunctional mobile application for Android or iOS. This way you can stay in touch with your favorite online casino at any time from anywhere in the world!

    Let us also remind you that every new client of 1win bookmaker will receive a 500% bonus on their first deposit! If you love slot machines, then you will definitely need a bonus in the form of 70 free spins. And after installing the same application, you will instantly activate your no deposit bonus! This will make it even easier to enjoy the huge catalog of our gambling establishment!


    How to launch the new game Royal Mines 1win on the online casino website?

    You can launch the new game Royal Mines 1win immediately after registering on the online casino website. You can then make any eligible deposit. You can find a game in the multi-thousand catalog of gambling games by name or by activating the search filter by the 1win provider. The game is also available in the application.

    What odds and multipliers are available in the new Royal Mines online game?

    In Royal Mines online, bet multipliers are formed depending on the selected size of the playing field. The standard format that many gamblers prefer is 3x6. In this case, the multipliers will be x1.43, x2.14, x3.2, x4.81, x7.21 and x10.81 on each line. Money can be withdrawn on any line.

    What playing field options are available to gamblers in the Royal Mines casino game?

    In the Royal Mines casino game, you can choose the appropriate size of the playing field at the very beginning of the game. But even after playing several rounds, you can change your choice using the appropriate button. A total of five options are available for all online casino clients: 2x3, 3x6, 4x9, 5x12 and 6x15.

    How to play Royal Mines on your smartphone or tablet?

    You can play Royal Mines not only on the 1vin online casino website, but also on your mobile device. To do this, simply find our website in your browser and launch the game. To make everything easier, we recommend installing a mobile application on Android or iOS. A desktop version for Windows is also available.

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