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    Slot machine Rocket X 1win will give every fan of extreme gambling entertainment real pleasure. All users who open official site 1win, will be able to run crash game in one of the two proposed modes: demo or for real money. Each version has its own positive sides. Therefore, the choice of the player will be based only on his preferences. The new game Rocket X 1win online is presented by a reliable developer Joor, who made every effort to create an innovative, modern and functional entertainment.

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    Rocket X 1win - what the winnings depend on

    The storyline of the popular game is presented on the basis of already favorite 1win Aviator. But unlike the airplane - the main active object in Rocket X is a rocket. For her both hands clinging to it entertaining passenger, who, judging by the expression on his face, the flight is to please, despite all the possible troubles.

    To start the gameplay, the gamer needs to make a bet. Its size varies from 0.1-140 credits. To increase their chances of winning a large amount of money player can simultaneously put 2 types of bets, for this in the game provides two separate windows for betting. Also in the section with settings user will be able to choose one of the two proposed additional options.

    Set the following game modes:

    1. Auto Bet.
    2. Automatically withdraw money.

    Game play

    To activate one of the proposed functions, the player will need to first set the value of the odds. After that, it remains only to wait for the end of the round and familiarize with the results. The rules of the game Rocket X 1win has similarities with the famous development JetX 1win. Based on the experience of many players, choose Rocket X should those gamers who want to relax and distract themselves from the standard slot machines.

    Rocket X 1win

    Once the odds have been selected, all that remains is to press the launch key. The launch of the rocket looks quite spectacular. After takeoff, a bright trace is left in the sky, and the values of multipliers begin to increase. If the auto withdrawal function is not selected, the player will be able to stop the game and take the money at any time. Withdrawal of funds is carried out instantly. It is important for players to know - when the values of the coefficients increase, not only the size of the cash reward that can be received increases, but also the risk that the rocket will explode before the withdrawal of the winnings. Therefore, customers 1win casino should be careful and cautious, so that in the race for more money not to lose the invested funds. To become a winner, it is important to learn how to stop the rocket taking off in time and follow a certain strategy.

    Rocket X to play by winning strategy

    Launching Rocket X slot any player pursues the goal of earning good money and enjoy the process itself. To achieve the goal, it is important to choose the right tactics that can lead to victory. First, you can observe the multiplayer game in the demo Rocket X 1win. In this mode, the gamer will be able to familiarize himself with the key features of the virtual game without spending his own money. Once the strategy is selected, you can deposit your own funds and make bets for real money.

    There are several working schemes:

    1. Playing the minimum. The minimum values in this tactic relate to the odds. Players will have to catch up to stop the gameplay while on the screen will appear values of multipliers in the range of 1.5-1.8. Choosing this strategy, it will not be possible to earn a lot of money, but regular payouts are guaranteed.
    2. Moderate scheme Rocket X 1win. Choosing it, it is worth sticking to the range of multipliers in the values of x2-x3. Players in this arrangement is also lucky quite often. According to feedback from real gamers, the probability of winning is 40-50%. Tactics allows you to not only return your own investments, but also earn on them.
    3. aggressive tactics. In this case, players will have to wait for multiplier values starting from x100. If you open the payout table, which is located in the control panel, you can see that the maximum value of the multiplier is observed 1 time in 1-1,5 hours. Therefore, those players who prefer to play to the maximum, risking large sums, should be able to analyze the results of other gamers to pick up the jackpot at the right time.

    Rocket X 1win

    Rocket X 1win: overall impression, performance

    The only true strategy that can be applied to play Rocket X 1win, there is no such thing. Each client of the online casino selects tactics depending on financial opportunities and preferences. To really make money, all players must adhere to a single rule - to set a certain time limit and focus on it. Only in this way you can control the gameplay and avoid frequent losses. By setting also the maximum betting limit you can not only save your deposit, but also multiply it.


    What is the essence of the game Rocket X 1win?

    The theme of the virtual game Rocket X 1win is based on the gameplay with the rocket taking off. During its ascent into the sky begin to grow values of multipliers. It is important for the player to stop it in time not to lose money, but, on the contrary, to multiply their amount. The amount of winnings will depend on the value of the multiplier, which is set at a certain height.

    How to start the virtual game Rocket X 1win?

    To start Rocket X 1win slot, it is first necessary to set the bet size. Therefore, the player should determine how much money he is willing to spend on the game. After that, it will be necessary to select the range of odds within which the rocket will stop. Once these actions are done, it remains only to activate the start key and wait for the results.

    Are there any additional options in rocket 1win game?

    Yes, there are. Rocket 1win slot machine can be set to play automatically. Additional functionality provides the ability to set parameters for automatic withdrawal of winnings at certain odds. Activation of this option contributes to the fact that the player will not need to constantly press the start key and choose the size of the bet.

    What tactics exist to start 1win Rocket X slot?

    To play 1win Rocket X and win money, the gamer will need to decide on one of the proposed working strategies. The choice depends on the material possibilities and preferences of the player. He is offered a moderate, aggressive strategy, as well as a scheme with minimal risk. But when choosing the latter option, the winnings will also be minimal.

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