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    The unique Penalty Shoot Out slot from the well-known online gambling provider Evoplay Entertainment will impress any fan of football or just active games. After all, this is not just a slot, but a complete interactive game where you need to shoot free kicks at the opponents’ goal. And your winnings will directly depend on how many goals you score!

    Penalty Shoot Out casino slot machine added to 1win official site has a very decent RTP of 96%, which is above average compared to what other slots offer. It also allows you to multiply your bet by 30 times in one round, consisting of 5 hits. The online slot is made in an unusual way. Instead of drums, there is a gate with a goalkeeper, and instead of the “Spin” button, a soccer ball. Which, according to the idea of the developers, is located at the 11-meter mark in front of the gate. That is why the game is called “Penalty”.

    Penalty Shoot Out 1win

    Football slot rules

    In 1win, the rules of Penalty Shoot Out are amazingly simple. You just need to choose the part of the gate where you will be the ball. There are 5 options available:

    • Right top nine;
    • Left top nine;
    • Right bottom nine;
    • Left bottom nine;
    • The middle is at the top of the gate.

    Where exactly to be, the player decides on his own before each hit. If you manage to score a goal, the player will be credited with prize money. If not, he will lose his bet.

    Payouts in Penalty Shoot Out

    On the one hand, the coefficient in the game Penalty Shoot Out casino is not very large. But, on the other hand, if each time you increase the bet by 30 times, this is more than decent. However, for this you need to score 5 goals in a row. In general, the profit for goals scored in a row in the game is accrued according to the following principle:

    • 1 goal scored - x1.92;
    • 2 goals scored - x3.84;
    • 3 goals scored - x7.68%
    • 4 ball - x15.36;
    • 5 ball - x30.72.

    In an online game, you can score a maximum of 5 goals in a row. After that, a new round begins and for each subsequent ball scored in a row, the bet is multiplied again.

    But to be honest, in order to score 5 goals in a row in the Penalty Shoot Out for money, you need to try hard. Even despite the fact that the place where the goalkeeper will jump is programmed in advance, and does not depend on where you will hit. That is, in this game, the result of whether you score or not really depends on you.

    Penalty Shoot Out 1win

    Penalty Shoot Out strategy game

    Since the result of the game primarily depends on the player himself, 1win casino visitors try to use various strategies for playing Penalty Shoot Out for money. The most popular is the strategy that is used without exaggeration in all games - Martingale. Invented a long time ago for playing primarily in roulette, this strategy later began to be used by players even in slots.

    Tak uses an improved version of this strategy, which is called “Advanced Martingale”. How effective these strategies are is difficult to judge, but you can always try to win Penalty Shoot Out with them.

    Penalty Shoot Out for money and for free: demo game features

    Online casino 1win gives everyone the opportunity to first get acquainted with the game, by running Penalty Shoot Out demo version. While playing in the trial mode, non-real money is available to players with which to place bets. As a result, after a bet, you can try to score goals and see firsthand how interesting this game is and how it works.

    Moreover, in order to play the Penalty Shoot Out demo version, visitors to our site do not even need to register. It is enough to start the game, and it will automatically open in the familiarization mode. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend you start right now. Because the Penalty Shoot Out game is really worth it.


    How to run Penalty Shoot Out on mobile?

    Since this is a modern slot, it has 100% adaptation to work in any mobile device running Android, Windows Mobile or iOS. All you need to start Penalty Shoot Out is to go to the 1win website and turn on the game.

    Are there bonuses in Penalty Shoot Out?

    No, the Penalty Shoot Out slot does not provide any bonuses. For goals scored in a row, the player receives only a doubling of the profitability ratio. Also, there are no bonus symbols or any additional games that could help you win. This is an active game like crash games like Aviator or Plinko.

    Which team can I play in Penalty Shoot Out?

    At the very beginning of the Penalty Shoot Out game, the visitor can choose one of the 24 countries for which he will play. Subsequently, with each kick, the goalkeeper's uniform will change color to the colors of one of the opponents' countries. Therefore, you can score a bunch of goals from the heart of almost any national team on behalf of your favorite team and still win money.

    How old do you have to be to play Penalty Shoot Out slot?

    The provider adheres to a fair play policy, so Penalty Shoot Out can only be played from 18 years of age. The provider Evoplay Entertainment not only adheres to this position itself, but also requires that the online casinos that provide its game also allow only persons who have reached the specified age to play Penalty.

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