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    Want to play a different version of Monopoly with a lot less controversy and a chance to win big prizes? Play Monopoly Live by visiting the Live-Casino section 1win online casino. When you start the game, you will see Live Chat on the screen on the left. This can be easily hidden if you don’t want to talk to other players or see what they are saying.

    In the middle of the stage is a giant wheel designed like a luxurious penthouse, overlooking the entire monopoly city. To the left of the steering wheel, Mr. Monopoly sits in an armchair, drinking tea and reading a newspaper. To the right of the wheel, the golden dice holder automatically shakes the dice in the bonus game.

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    Betting at Monopoly Casino

    At the bottom of the screen, you can see your balance and bet on the left. In the middle of the banknote showing the bet field where you can place your bet. On the right you can see the history of the monopoly wheel. You get access to a control panel for sound and other visual settings. You can choose from two game modes: Classic or Full HD. Take a look at what the wheel of fortune used to fall into and place your bet. You can also use some 2 rolls and 4 rolls. We will tell you more about this now in the section on the 3D bonus game.

    Monopoly Casino - 3D Bonus Game

    Large prizes often fall on the bonus game. Mr. Monopoly, under the spin of the wheel of fortune, is on the couch next to the wheel and reading a newspaper, jumps up and leaves when the bonus game is triggered. To take part in the Monopoly Live bonus game, you must bet on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segments. This indicates how many rolls you get in the bonus game.

    What happens next?

    If the wheel stops on them, you will be transported to a 3D version of the Monopoly board game. Mr. Monopoly exits the elevator and walks onto the Monopoly board. During the bonus game, Mr. Monopoly will move around the playing field and collect real money for you. It moves as many squares as the die shows on each roll, just like in monopoly.

    During the bonus game, all fields on the game board, such as “Real Estate”, “Utilities” and “Free Parking”, offer the main prize. During games at 1win online casino, some properties will have houses and hotels, which will increase the winnings, which you will receive when you land on them. When the dice roll becomes empty again, all winnings will be paid out along with the bet you placed on that game.

    Monopoly casino 1win

    Card Chance in Monopoly

    Chance Card Segments provide an opportunity for a second bonus feature that can give you bigger prizes. Each time a random card appears on the wheel, a card is drawn randomly from Mr. Monopoly’s pocket. This can either give you a random cash prize or add a multiplier to the game.

    How does the multiplier work?

    If there is a multiplier, all bets remain on the board and the dealer spins the wheel again. Any winnings that land on this spin are increased by the card multiplier. Not only can this go up to x10, but if you’re lucky, the random card’s multiplier will be followed by another on the next spin. In this case, they will multiply each other. This means that one x10 multiplier followed by another x10 multiplier will give you a total x100 multiplier. Not all 1win slot machines have such interesting and favorable conditions.

    When this happens, you can make huge profits, but it can actually be much better. If you are lucky, the wheel will not stop at a number, but at one of the wheel’s bonus positions. The result can be absolutely incredible prizes. When the bonus game starts, the prizes on the board will be increased by a multiplier before it is rolled out.

    Monopoly casino 1win


    How to win at Monopoly Live Casino?

    It is worth noting that there are no special strategies and tips on how to play Monopoly live. The game is completely random, so you, as a 1win player, have no influence on the outcome. Of course, you can bet on numbers to kill time, but the house edge is quite large, so you will gradually run out of money. The best strategy is not to do it.

    How long is the gaming process in Monopoly casino on the 1win bookmaker website?

    The duration of the gaming process in the Monopoly casino lasts 80 minutes. No one will argue with the fact that time passes unnoticed in this online slot machine. After all, Monopoly is all your favorite elements of board games combined with modern technology.

    Can Monopoly Casino be called an online gambling game?

    Monopoly can be used as a game of chance, depending on the circumstances. Many people play this game for fun and entertainment. But specifically at 1win online casino, players also play Monopoly to play and earn money. After all, they make bets throughout the gameplay.

    What is the RTP in Monopoly Casino and what does it mean?

    RTP means how much the game returns to the player in terms of winnings measured over time. In the 1win Monopoly Live slot machine, the RTP is in the range from 91% to 96%. It depends a bit on what you are actually betting on. This means that it can reduce your balance a bit while you wait for a great bonus round.

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