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Fantasy sport: tournaments and bets

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    Bonuses and gameplay Fantasy sport slot

    Many sports fans know about such a concept as Fantasy, but not so many people have encountered it directly. Since the 2010s, fantasy sports have been firmly established among the main sports entertainment, somewhat different from betting itself. What is fantasy sports? It is an online game based on the creation of a virtual team according to certain rules, which receives points from the performance of real athletes in tournaments every week.

    Soccer players, basketball players, hockey players, tennis players, cyber athletes all relate to fantasy sports not directly, fans of gambling get fantasy points for adding players to the roster and compete with other users as a coach and manager. There are quick tournaments called daily fantasy, there are long-term series tournaments, customers of betting shops and sports sites compete to see who is luckier to pick this or that athlete in a tourney and get more points.

    Bookmaker office 1win holds tournaments fantasy sports for real money is in the CIS-betting real breakthrough having excellent bonuses 1win For new players, few of 1win’s top competitors offer this type of entertainment at their site. Today, 1win partners learn how to play fantasy soccer for money, which sports are particularly popular, how fantasy points are awarded and what tournaments there are.

    Fantasy sports what is that?

    To start playing on the bookmaker’s website 1win, you must first log in or register in any convenient way. Then the client has to deposit his account in hryvnias or any other currency, go to Fantasy sport page and choose any tournament he likes. Each tournament has its own league with unique rules and buy-in amount to join the league. How does fantasy sports for money work?

    • The user finds a mirror 1win, registers on the site, deposits;
    • enters the 1win section of the casino called Fantasy sports;
    • chooses a tournament, for example, fantasy soccer APL (English soccer league);
    • examines the current leagues, contributes buy-in, assembles a team of 15 players (11 in the main squad), based on the total budget of the team;
    • Depending on the tournament (series or daily), the calculation of results and distribution of prizes is either daily or weekly, or at the end of the real APL season after 38 rounds;
    • Each round users can make substitutions in the team, assign captains;
    • at the end the results are summed up, the winners take the real money.

    An example of fantasy scoring in real soccer

    To understand how to play fantasy soccer, let’s take a fictional English Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool as an example. Suppose one user has de Bruyne, Allison and Robertson in the squad, and the other has Holland and Salah. The match in real life between these teams ended 3-3, Holland scored a double, de Bruyne and Robertson gave 1 goal each, Salah had a goal+pass, Alisson saved a penalty kick from Salah.


    Table fantasy-football points:

    Event Number of points
    Duration of the game up to 60 minutes 1
    Duration of the game more than 60 minutes 1
    Midfielder or striker plays the whole meeting 1
    Goalkeeper goal 8
    Goal by a defender 6
    Midfielder’s goal 5
    Striker’s goal 4
    Goalkeeper and defender missed two or more goals -2
    Yellow card -1
    Red card -3
    Goalkeeper kicks a penalty kick 5
    Own goal -2
    Goalcasting 3
    Missing a penalty kick -2

    Let’s count the points of the first player with de Bruyne, Allison and Robertson. De Bruyne gets 5 points for a goal and a complete game, Robertson as a defender for conceding 2 or more goals, he gets only 3 points (3 for a goal, 2 for a complete game and -2 for 2 or more conceded goals). Alisson gets -2 for missed goals, but he gets 5 points for a penalty kick, so he gets 5 points for a full game. De Bruyne gets 5, Allison 5 and Robertson 3 for a total of 13.

    Now the second player, he has Salah and Holland. The Norwegian gets 8 points for the double, for a total of 10, Salah gets 7 points for a goal+pass, but -2 for a penalty miss, leaving him with 7 fantasy points. The bottom line is that for 2 top tier and max value players (Salah+Holand), the second player gets 17 fantasy points, and the first for three only 13.

    Of course, there are only 11 players in the lineup, and players of lesser value can bring many more points. But the scoring system is clear. A fantasy soccer team is formed of 15 players, 4 of whom remain in reserve, their points do not count. But if any of the 11 starting players is injured or disqualified, he is replaced by the first of the reserve list, but not the goalkeeper he only changes the goalkeeper in emergencies

    How does the fantasy point system work in other sports?

    Bookmaker office 1win offers several tournaments for sports fans in addition to soccer:

    • English Premier League (EPL);
    • Europa League and Champions League;
    • Ligue 1 (France);
    • FA Cup and English League Cup;
    • La Liga (Spanish football championship);
    • Serie A (Italian football championship).
    • Finnish Football Championship;
    • Nations Football League;
    • NFL (American football);
    • National Hockey League (NHL);
    • Euroleague (basketball);
    • National Basketball Association (NBA);
    • Formula 1;
    • Golf

    But the scoring system for players is about the same, depending on the sport the indicators are different: if soccer has cards, goals and assists, hockey has no cards, but there are removals and assists in a goal can be as much as 2. Basketball has points, rebounds and assists fantasy sports for money is extremely interesting if you understand the intricacies of sports championships.


    Fantasy Basketball scoring rules

    Fantasy sports for money are often played by basketball fans. 1vin offers them two options for the formation of the lineup: the classic of 7 basketball players by position: from point guard to center, or unikursal-6, where the client can freely choose the starting lineup without reference to the position. The fantasy points table in basketball.

    Event Number of points
    Every point scored 1
    Three-point shot 0,5
    Selection. 1,25
    Assistant 1,5
    Interception 2
    Blockchain 2
    Loss -2
    Double-double 1,5
    Triple-double 3

    Rules for scoring in fantasy hockey

    Hockey fans can choose 2 lineup options: a fixed 1-3-4 scheme (3 defensemen and 4 forwards +1 goalie) or the Heroes format, in which you can choose one player from each position. Table of fantasy point scoring in hockey.

    Event Quantity points
    Goal by goalkeeper and defender 6,5
    Forward’s goal 5
    Assistant goalkeeper and defenseman 4,5
    Assistant Forward 3
    Reflected shot by goalie 0,2
    Goalkeeper checkout 4
    Missed puck -1
    Shooting into the line 0,25
    Suspension (team penalty) 0,5
    Individual removal -2
    Winning the match 1
    Going out on the ice 0,75


    Fantasy soccer online - can players go negative?

    Of course, if a player is removed from the field in the first half, getting a straight red and not making a single useful action, he will get -3 fantasy points in the stats. If he is the captain, his points are doubled, the underdog will get as many as -6 points.

    How to play fantasy soccer for money?

    Fantasy sport on the 1win website works according to a simple scheme: register on the official website or in the app - deposit in any currency - go to the fantasy section - select a tournament and league - payout according to the rules. Conditions of participation and the amount of payments are specified in the rules of the particular league.

    How do beginners play fantasy soccer?

    You need to choose a popular championship and always have a match schedule, a calendar and a sports website to watch the news. To build a team, you can use the advice of experienced fantasy players on the net, who give predictions for each round, match results are available on the official website 1win in the "Statistics" section. Fantasy soccer for money is very exciting!

    How to download fantasy soccer to your smartphone?

    To play fantasy games on the 1win website from your phone, the easiest way is to download the 1win app for iOS or Android. The software is safe, available on all phone models and has full functionality for comfortable fantasy, sports betting or casino games. Fantasy sport will open after authorization in the system.