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    1win Bookmaker is a great site that concludes everything you love! Over 9,000 slot machines, hundreds of live games, tournaments on games like blackjack and poker and more!

    What about predicting the match results of your favorite sports and cyber sports teams? We advise you to take a closer look at sports betting on the main page of the official 1 vin website. In addition, there are also express bets on the site - especially for fans of fast and dynamic game.

    Online 1win casino is trying to make your gaming experience even better: we bring to your attention the exclusive 1win Loyalty Program! Regular bonuses and temporary promotions that will delight both newcomers to the site and longtime old-timers.

    The most important element of the Loyalty Program is the casino Cashback Bonus, which can grow up to 30%. Cashback 1win is first of all real money. You can make withdrawals. Real cash payouts can be much more useful than bonus credits, wouldn’t you agree?

    1win casino bonuses

    How to get 1win casino cashback?

    Winning a good amount of money is unlikely to happen without a single loss, every experienced gambler knows this. Online games justify the high risk with big payouts. To get a win is always extremely happy, but it is also nice to get a cashback from the lost amount.

    Please note that 1win cashback comes every week!

    The calculation of the refund amount is automatic, you don’t need to activate this 1win bonus somehow.

    Talk about percentages?

    • Minimum payout percentage
      The minimum 1win casino cacheback stands at 1% and amounts up to 3,000 rubles. For such a cashback, your weekly bet must be at least 100,000 rubles. This is not as much as you would like, but the very presence of a cashback is never superfluous.
    • Maximum payout percentage
      The maximum cacheback 1win casino stands at the well-known mark - 30% and is an amount of up to 50.000 rubles. At the moment 30% is the limit in the monetary return of lost funds.

    cashback 1win
    Note that the interest amounts by currency may vary. You can try experimenting and losing on different currencies. The rate of each currency is fixed, it can be viewed on the site, in the «Casino Rules» section.

    Quite often there are temporary promotions, which are directly related to the cashback on a certain group of content of the betting company. We advise you to keep track of them, know all the rules and do not miss your benefit!

    Bonuses similar to 1win casino cashback

    Bookmaker and online casino 1win has a sea of bonuses that will suit all users. They will bring you real cash, extra bonus credits for online games, and freespins!
    1win cashback

    Let’s get acquainted with the most interesting ones:

    • From +5% to +15% on winnings
      Great news for fans of fast and dynamic game! Did you get a good win in express bets? That’s great, because we’ll give you up to 15% of your net profit. A kind of 1win casino cashback!
      The payout percentage is calculated from the number of events of the express games you participated in. So for 5 events in which you participated the game will return 7% of your winnings, for 6 events - 8%, and so on up to 11 events. From the 11th event onwards you will receive 15% of your winnings.
    • 1win coin - an additional online casino bonus
      Another bonus that is partly similar to the cashback system is 1win coins! This is a special bonus that accumulates passively - you simply enjoy your gaming experience, and the 1win coins are added to your account.

    This bonus is also real money that you can withdraw to your card.


    Can I get 1win coins without playing machines?

    Yes, you can get such a bonus in various promotions. For example, a 4-point promotion from VK: you just need to subscribe to the group, turn on notifications, sign up for the bonus and make a repost. Such a promotion will give you 100 coins.

    If I download the 1win app, will there be an additional 1win cashback in the casino?

    There will be another nice bonus, namely 5,000 rubles to the bonus account. This amount can not be withdrawn, but it can be spent on online games at 1win casino. Additional casino cashback-bonus installation of the application will not bring.

    Can I get an extra bonus or 1win cashback without real money?

    Of course! 1win gives tons of opportunities to get real money or nice free deposits. For example, you can play the free lottery, which is held daily. Win in it you can win bonus rubles, which can be spent, for example, by running slot machines.

    How much money do I need to deposit so that the 1win cashback is maximum?

    For such a large 1win cashback, there should be a very large amount, namely 50,000,000 rubles. If your bet is more modest and you do not have such a colossal amount, then you can look at other promotions. There are a large number of them and for sure you will find one that will suit you 100%.

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