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Brawl Pirates - a new product in pirate style

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    The online casino industry does not stand still. The gaming industry is developing every day. On 1win website, you can find many representatives of new generation slots.

    Brawl Pirates slot is a new game in a pirate style. Available at 1win online casino. The slot machine is already very popular among players. You need to outsmart Davy Jones himself. The task is not easy, but you are definitely up to it. There will be three skulls in front of you. Under one of them, a prize is hidden. Your task is to understand where the pirate hid his money. If you win, your deposit will be replenished. If you guess wrong, Jones will get rich. For the convenience of players, in Brawl Pirates you can adjust the bet size. This way you can regulate your deposit more precisely.

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    Brawl Pirates slot: plot and graphics

    Brawl Pirates is a unique slot machine available on the 1win casino website. Each player will be able to feel like a treasure hunter. The «game of thimbles» is an ancient pastime for many cultures. In the game you need to choose one of three skulls. Moreover, only one of them contains treasures, and the rest are empty. The player must use his intuition to make the right choice and win the prize. When you play Brawl Pirates online for real money, you will get more than just real money. But also the opportunity to experience many new emotions.

    Brawl Pirates slot has an attractive design and bright graphics that create an atmosphere of sea battles. All details are carefully drawn. On any device, the game looks as attractive as possible. The theme of the game is related to pirates, ships, and treasures by Davy Jones. Don’t forget about the musical accompaniment. Since gaming sessions can last for several hours, sound is critical.

    Online game control features

    Brawl Pirates slot machine does not have classic reels and combinations. The control design here is much simpler. All controls are located at the bottom of the screen.

    There are six buttons on the panel:

    • Game dice – start button;
    • Min – minimum bet;
    • Max – maximum bet;
    • «-» – reduce the rate;
    • «+» – increase the bet;
    • «Ruby» – 1 or 2 prizes under the skulls.

    In the middle is your current bet. And at the top of the screen, your deposit balance. As you can already understand, the controls are somewhat similar to Aviator 1win. Everything is quite simple and intuitive.
    Brawl Pirates slot machine

    Brawl Pirates demo: what does this mode give you?

    «Play demo slot machines» is exactly the request players make in relation to new slots. I only want to invest money in proven gaming solutions. In this regard, 1win casino understands its customers very well. Brawl Pirates demo version is available to all our players. We would like to remind you that in this mode, all mechanics are completely preserved. The only difference is that you cannot win real money.

    What devices are best to play online casinos on?

    The Brawl Pirates slot from 1win casino is available on various devices. Such as: personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Which run under the Windows, iOS or Android operating systems. You can play both on desktop and mobile devices, provided you have a stable Internet connection. The game is well optimized for all devices.

    Quick start in Brawl Pirates 1win

    To start playing Brawl Pirates online, you need to follow a few simple steps.


    1. Register on the official website of 1win casino.
    2. Top up your balance using one of the available top up methods.
    3. Find Brawl Pirates in the games section and select it.
    4. Set a bet and choose one of three pirate skulls.

    If you guessed where the treasures are, you will receive winnings that will be credited to your balance. If you make a mistake, the loss will be written off from your balance.

    Don’t forget that playing for real money at a casino can be risky, so it’s important to set reasonable limits on your bets and keep an eye on your balance.

    Brawl Pirates slot

    Strategies and tips for online games

    As with any casino game, there is no guaranteed strategy that will lead to victory 100% of the time. However, there are some tips and tricks. They will help increase your chances of winning Brawl Pirates 1win casino: Start the game with small bets to learn the game and its features; Use demo mode to learn the game and its rules without the risk of losing money.


    Brawl Pirates slot has a demo mode?

    Brawl Pirates demo mode is very popular in the 1win casino. Players can try playing the slot for free and without the risk of losing their money. You can find out all the rules and functions of the game. Try out different strategies and tactics. However, in this mode, you cannot get real money.

    In Brawl Pirates slot machine, can you play from your mobile phone?

    You can play the online Brawl Pirates slot on your mobile phone. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the 1win casino through a mobile browser. There select the game Brawl Pirates. The casino is adapted to work on mobile devices. Therefore, you can play on your smartphone or tablet easily and conveniently.

    What is the maximum and minimum bet available in 1win Brawl Pirates?

    The maximum bet in the Brawl Pirates game on the 1win platform is 280 USD. This is the optimal amount for a game of this level. The minimum threshold is 0.1 USD. This way, you can distribute your funds more conveniently.

    How many prizes can there be in Brawl Pirates at one time?

    In standard mode, only under one skull is a prize. However, in Brawl Pirates 1win, you can increase this value to two. Thus, greatly increasing the chances of receiving funds. However, it is worth remembering that the winning odds will also change.

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