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    Many bettors are concerned not only with the reliability of the company in which they place bets on sports, but also with the opportunity to get as much as possible from their bets. As a rule, in most online casinos and bookmakers, these are various no-deposit bonuses or a deposit bonus for registration, which can then be used in bets. But the company 1win bookmaker has gone further and offers its clients not only a 1win sports bonus in the form of bonus money, but also a bonus in the form of real money for bets on sport. Thanks to this, you can really win more here. Interesting? Then read on!

    1win casino bonuses

    Types of bonuses at 1win

    The official 1win website offers visitors two bonus programs:

    1. Bonus in the form of bonus money, which can later be used to place bets on sports;
    2. A bonus from the bookmaker in the form of real money, which the player receives for successful bets on sports.

    The first program includes a number of different bonus offers:

    • 1win bonuses using a promotional code.
    • Welcome bonus;
    • No deposit bonus for installing the 1win mobile application;

    The second program has one unique offer: a 1win bonus for express sports betting. Each program has its own advantages and you can understand which is best for you by reading below in more detail about each of them.
    1win casino bonuses

    1win sports bonus by promo code

    Another great way to get bonus money to make more successful bets. For activity on social networks, you can receive a 1win promotional code, which is then indicated in a special field on the 1win website when replenishing your account and gives additional bonuses.

    Since promotional codes are usually dedicated to some event, they are always different and the bonus amounts are also different. In addition, the conditions for using the bonus may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of the bonus received using the promotional code before using it.

    Bonus for express sports betting

    Many visitors to the 1win bookmaker consider this the most successful offer of all. After all, under this bonus program, users immediately receive real money, which they do not have to wager later. The money is immediately transferred to your real account, after which you can withdraw it.

    But at the same time, in order to receive this money, you must comply with some conditions of the «Express Sports Betting» bonus program.

    1win how to use sports bonus

    An express bonus is awarded only if:

    • There are at least 5 events in the express;
    • Each event has a coefficient of at least 1.3;
    • Express won. The winning bet is the express bet in which all bets are won.

    If these conditions are met, then the 1win player receives a bonus, the size of which depends on how many events are in his accumulator.

    According to the terms of the program, you can receive from 7% to 15% of the winning amount. Accordingly, the player will receive a minimum of 7% for 5 events, and a maximum of 15% if there are 11 or more events in the express bet.

    1win sports bonus

    Calculation of winnings in express

    Calculating your winnings and bonus amount on the 1win website is quite simple. For example, if a player has made an express bet of 10 events, with a total odds of 15, and the total bet amount is $1,000 ($100 for each event), then his winnings from the express bet will be $15,000. In this case, the net gain will be 14,000 + 1,000 own funds.

    In total, since there are 10 events in the express, according to the terms of the program, the player will be awarded a bonus in the amount of 12% of the winning amount. That is another 1680 dollars. Agree, a very good bonus. And the main thing is that to get it you have to be a genius, it’s enough just to be a specialist in your sports field.

    If you are not one, then the bonus money described above will be more suitable for you. Which will help you save your own money and better understand sports betting. And if you are a professional bettor, then we advise you not to delay and use the 1win sports bonus now. And also open the «Bonuses and Promotions» section and see what other bonuses are currently available on our website. After all, bonus programs are regularly updated. Thanks to this, our players always receive only the best bonuses!

    Welcome Bonus

    If you are a beginner and new to the 1win casino platform, then this offer is suitable for you. After all, everyone who has just registered on the official 1win website can receive up to 500% of the amount of their deposit on their bonus account. That is, in fact, the company can increase your deposit by 5 times. Thanks to this, you can place significantly more bets on sports.

    Terms of use of the welcome bonus

    Naturally, such a bookmaker bonus has certain conditions that the player must fulfill:

    • To receive a 1win sports bonus, you need to top up your deposit in the amount of 200 to 8800 in one payment. The deposited amount will be multiplied by 5 and the corresponding amount will be automatically deposited into the bonus account. For example, if you make a deposit of 5,000 , you will receive 25 thousand bonus money to your bonus account. Thus, you will be able to place bets totaling 30,000 .
    • 1win bonus applies only to the first deposit.
    • The bonus money received can be used to place bets on sports and to play online games at 1vin.
    • Using a betting bonus, you can select events with odds of at least 3.
    • The 1win sports bonus can be used for betting on any sports discipline.

    In addition, 1win bonuses are wagered on the basis of 5% of the amount of each successful bet. This means that if you bet, for example, 1000 on sports and the bet wins, the system will automatically transfer 5% of this amount from the bonus to the real account. That is, you will receive 50 .

    Using this principle, you can win back the entire bonus received for registration on 1win, or more precisely, the bonus for a bookmaker’s deposit. You just need to place bets and win!
    1win how to use the sports bonus

    $100 bonus for installing the app

    Unlike the previous bonus program, this is a no deposit bonus from BC. All the user needs to do is install the application on his computer or laptop running Windows and iOS. You can also install it on a smartphone or tablet running Android.

    If for some reason you are not yet registered on the 1win website, for you this will be a sports betting bonus for registration. After all, it is credited immediately after authorization in the application, and you can register directly through the application.

    If you have already registered, you will still receive $100, but in this case, the bookmaker is already offering you a bonus when registering without a deposit.

    But in any case, this is really a very profitable offer. Moreover, in the mobile application you can place sports bets for a bonus in the same way as on the official website. And also participate in other bonus programs and promotions.


    What is a 1win sports bonus?

    The 1win sports bonus is a bonus offer from a bookmaker. Using the bookmaker's sports bonus, you can get additional bonuses to place more bets or real money for an express train of 5 or more events. You can learn more about the rules on the official 1win website.

    What kind of 1win sports bonus is there?

    In the 1 vin online casino there are several bonus programs through which you can get a 1win sports bonus. The most popular is the «Bonus for Express Sports Betting» program, under which players receive real money as a bonus. There are also other programs where you can receive a bonus in the form of money in your bonus account. They can also be used to place bets on sports.

    What is the maximum 1win sports bonus you can get?

    It depends on what kind of bonus you receive. If it is a 1win sports bonus for express sports betting, then the maximum bonus amount will depend on the size of your bet and winnings. If it is bonus money that can be used to place bets, then the amount will be limited to the specific bonus offer. At the time of receiving the bonus.

    Can I opt out if I don't want to receive the 1win sports bonus?

    If you want to bet using only your own money, this option is available to you. Receiving a bonus is an additional incentive program on the 1win website, and not mandatory. So if you don't need the 1win sports bonus, just don't use it.