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Bombucks 1win online - how to hit the jackpot?

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    Slot machines have long attracted gamblers. After all, they often offer the opportunity to earn really big, while spending time for interesting gameplay. However, they also have disadvantages, such as a fixed rate for each spin, or unclear conditions of winning.

    To correct this situation, creating the most transparent game with clear conditions decided to casino 1win. So appeared Boombucks slot - a game with an interesting gameplay, in which everyone can really earn. And how this game differs from the classic slots, and how to start playing it, you will learn further.

    1win casino bonuses

    How to play Bom bucks - basic rules

    If you’ve ever experienced games similar to Caper but with a reward ribbon, then Bombucks online gameplay won’t come as a surprise. The familiar concept here is wrapped in a nice minimalistic design, causing players to have a unique experience in a seemingly ordinary slot.

    Talking in more detail, it is still worth mentioning the basics in Bombucks slot machine - so you can start winning faster. So listen and memorize - now we will tell the rules of the game in Bom bucks slot from 1win.

    1win Bombucks rules

    To start playing 1win Bombucks, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the rules:

    • In the game 1win Bombucks demo is absent from the word at all - the whole game initially takes place for real money. Therefore, before you start studying the slot, worry about registration on the site and deposit your account. You can register in the BC in two ways at once - we will discuss this process in detail below.
    • Having sorted out the preliminary actions, go to the game itself. To find it on the site, visit the 1win games section and look for the Bombucks slot.
    • Initially, you will need to bet on the game - for, as mentioned earlier, there is no demo mode in Bombucks. But such restrictions do not prevent you from familiarizing yourself with the game in comfort - after all, the size of the minimum bet is only 10 rubles, so you can comprehend the basics of the game without spending a lot of money.
    • After approving the bet, you will need to choose the size of the playing field on which the game will be played. It is not terrible if you want to change it in the process - it can always be done after winning or losing the bet amount. Players have a choice of five fields of different sizes - starting from the smallest 2x3 and ending with the largest in the form of 6x15. Remember that the chosen size depends on the complexity of the game and the size of the odds - so we do not advise you to choose the most complicated option, being still new to the game.
    • Then everything is as simple as possible - choose your favorite tile from a number of tiles to go to the next stage and multiply your winnings several times. This is the whole point of Bombucks casino - you step by step moving across the playing field, increasing the size of the bet amount. Grow it will be based on the coefficients that get bigger with each passed stage - and with a good bet with a bit of luck you can snap a real jackpot!
    • If you hit the panel with a bomb, the game will end and all previously earned winnings will be canceled. Take the amount can be at any stage of the game - but on the first rows of especially much to earn will not be due to low odds, so the strategy to take after the first successful row is unlikely to be successful.

    Bombucks gameplay

    This is the main provisions of Bombucks 1win casino come to an end - and further, each player can choose his own strategy for the game. Unambiguously working strategies Bombucks slot machine does not imply - it all depends on the skills of the user and his luck. So register and start studying the slot!

    Register to play 1win Bombucks

    To start playing at Bombucks casino and receive 1win bonuses, you need to register on the 1vin platform and fund your gaming account. Some users may have problems with creating an account, especially if they have not registered on such platforms before. Therefore, we will discuss this process in detail - good, it is as simple as possible and does not take much time.

    Register with BC 1win as follows:

    • Visit the official site of the office or any of the working mirrors. Go to the main page and click on the Registration button, which is located in the upper right corner of the page.
    • There are two options for registration - either via mobile number and e-mail address, or with the help of an existing account in one of the social networks. Choose the right one for you and create a personal account - the whole action will take no more than five minutes.

    Register at BC 1win

    Now you’re finally armed and ready to conquer the vastness of Bombucks online - so what are you waiting for? Get in the game and win big money!


    What is the minimum bet you can make in Bom bucks casino?

    The 1win company values the finances of its customers, and therefore makes the widest possible threshold for betting in Bombucks slot machine. So, the smallest amount on which it is possible to play in Bombucks slot, is equal to 10 rubles - while the maximum bet can reach the size of 20 thousand rubles. Thus, the lack of test mode does not interfere with the study of slot machine - because with a minimum bet of 10 rubles you will not lose almost nothing, but you can familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. We advise you not to put immediately large amounts - without knowledge of the basic rules of such a venture fraught with major losses.

    How different fields Bom bucks slot and what changes in the game from the change of the playing field?

    In the game Bombucks online users can try their luck on five fields of different sizes: 2x3, 3x6, 4x9, 4x9, 5x12, and 6x15. They differ not only in the length of the row and the length of the site, but also the complexity - because the more rows, the greater the total number of bombs in the game. In addition, the users who have reached the end will be able to take the super prize - but the longer the field, the more difficult it will be to snatch the coveted jackpot. However, passing the full path justifies all the risks - after all, the final coefficient is very large, and everyone has a chance to earn a big one!

    What bonuses will help to play at Bombucks online?

    Betting house 1win is extremely generous with bonuses and promotions - and, moreover, regardless of whether the user is a fan of betting or gambling. So, for example, every newcomer after registration receives a bonus on the first deposit in the total amount of 500%. Thus, you can win back a lot of money on the main account, and use it in further play. In addition, 1vin has a cashback on casino play, various tournaments and drawings, bonuses on express bets, and much more. So, playing at Bombucks casino will become much easier - because with so many promotions, you don't have to worry about losing!

    How to withdraw winnings from Bombucks casino?

    To withdraw any Bombucks winnings from 1win betting site, you need to visit your personal cabinet and find the corresponding button there. However, it is important to know a few facts: the winnings can be transferred only to those details from which the deposit was made; before withdrawal will need to pass account verification to confirm your identity and prove that you are not a fraudster or a robot. If the transfer for any reason did not work, feel free to contact 1vin support service - highly qualified specialists will help you with the solution of the problem.

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